Both the Republican and Democratic members of Congress have the arrogance to accept a $4,600 increase in their annual pay in the midst of this recession. The members of both political parties are ripping us off in spite of the hypocritical white noise of their political rhetoric about being concerned for the public’s suffering. These self centered legislators are unwilling to make any sacrifices during this economic downturn even though - 

• There are 33.2 million Americans on food stamps.

•  There are 6.7 million unemployed Americans.

• Almost every American has devastating losses in their 401Ks.

These slick legislators have created an underhanded ruse to disguise their annual raises. First they have ordained that there should be an annual Cost of Living Adjustment, COLA, of their wages. Then, they cleverly reversed the usual procedure of voting on a pay hike. Their devious arrangement requires them to vote against the automatic pay increase, so that they can claim that they didn’t vote for a raise.

There is something you can do to improve your government. Vote against the incumbents in the next election. Elected officials serving one term will effectively restore the good governance the framers of the Constitution intended.

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