One reason that I have always liked McCain was that he balances his “gravitas” with a wicked sense of humor. I mean, anyone who brought a stipper to a formal party full of pompous Naval officers and their wives, or who gives a speech to a bunch of bikers offering to let his wife take part in their (topless) beauty pagent is rightly a legend in his own time.

Pundits are calling this a “Gaffe” but I suspect it was a joke…the type of joke that we older experienced wives put up with, partly annoyed and partly pleased that our husbands still consider us sexy.
Anyway, last week, this wicked sense of humor hit an overpious Obama where it hurts: in overblown dignity.

In two commercials that critics decried as adolescent and even racist, McCain may have turned around the polls, and now the fall out starts.

How dare those evil Republicans show a photo of the Beloved leader with a huge adoring crowd and then show the photo of a young brainless blond with a similar adoring crowd! Yes, it was racist.

So then the evil Republicans put out another ad: this time, using the overblown clips from speeches given by the Chosen One. The commercial ends with the speech when Obama was celebrating his “huge” (0.03%) win over Hillary, telling his adoring followers that they were privileged to remember this day as the day the seas stopped rising…and then the video cued to Charlton Heston as Moses parting the waves.

No, the ads were not racist but they were adolescent. And that’s the point. Because a man with a history or heroism and service could easily become a plaster saint, but McCain has kept a wicked sense of humor and a sense of proportion about fame that shames the pieties of the other side.

And now, just to keep the news cycle going, the blond has made her answer.

Yes, Paris Hilton, the blond beloved of adolescent of all ages has a short video answering the wrinkled old man with her very own energy plan.

In response, Instapundit, and Pajamasmedia has a poll up:

Who do you want for president:

John McCain

Barak Obama

Paris Hilton

So far, Paris Hilton is winning..


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes about human rights in Africa at Makaipa blog…she writes when the internet isn’t down due to typhoons. Her son in law is a US Navy Officer.

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