The Hub of Australia and Beyond

If you have ever kept a journal while traveling, Thomas Palfy’s new book , “The Hub of Australia and Beyond” will probably put the wanderlust back in your shoes. Palfy’s photographic documentation consists of two separate journeys across the fifth continent.

The 58-page chronicle begins with an aerial vista of Ayers Rock in Uluru National Park and ends with a picturesque cascade depositing its frothy waters into a river on Australia’s third largest isle, Kangaroo Island.
There is much in between. Aside from many photographs of the often hauntingly beautiful landscape, Palfy includes shots of herbaceous flora as well as animals like wallabies, tree frogs, kangaroos and a couple of strange reptiles like the indigenous thorny devil. Among the rest of the 100 images are pictures of fellow travelers as well as old Aboriginal scrawls on rock faces and abandoned mining towns long forgotten.

Although the majority of this book comes from film in Palfy’s camera, the written excerpts are portions of letters that he and his wife sent to friends and family during their excursions. This is gives the book a rather warm and personable feel. As you flip through, at times it feels like you might be reading the back of a postcard from a friend.

At times, “The Hub of Australia” reads like a travel brochure. Palfy includes the names of his travel guides, hotels and tour companies. This might prove to be useful, however. If you purchase this book you might already be thinking about spending your next holiday exploring the Outback. In that case, toss the book in your pack and maybe you’ll see some of Thomas Palfy’s photographs in person.

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