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“A nice romantic getaway”

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Title: The Holiday

The Holiday is not your average romantic comedy. Yes it is funny and yes it is romantic. But it has all the right elements that come together to make it something extra special. True I am a big fan of romantic comedies. But I get so tired of the same old cliché characters and plot lines. The hotel maid and the billionaire The dog walker and the entrepreneur. Blah blah blah.
Everything and everyone starts looking like Jennifer Lopez. Thankfully this movie breaks out of that mold.

Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) have swapped houses for the Christmas holiday. Both needing a break from the guys in their lives and the world around them. So as Amanda sets off for a quaint, tucked away town in England, Iris gets a taste of the rich and famous lifestyle of LA. Though both are in for culture shock they each soon find their groove. While Iris befriends both an elderly film writer (Eli Wallach) and an up and coming film composer (Jack Black), Amanda escapes into the arms of Iris’ charming brother. (Jude law)

The above board writing and directing of Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, Father of the Bride) has a lot to do with the finished product. The characters are well developed and not your average romantic fodder. It’s refreshing to see fictional characters who are well established in the entertainment field having the same problems as everyone else. It’s as if romance isn’t just a given for those who have it all. Jude Law and Cameron Diaz are perfect together and hats off to Jack Black for holding his own and delivering a lovable performance that is totally Jack Black without taking us out of the moment.

The Holiday is rated PG-13 for sexual content and some strong language. The sexual content is alluded to but never really shown. Though it is obvious who is having sex it isn’t blatant or gratuitous. This is a film with many laugh out loud scenes as well as heart moving moments. As with most of Meyer’s movies at the heart of the comedy are people. Likable people you want to see win in the end. I give it 4.5 out of 5 cheers. This is one of the better movies of this genre to come out in some time. With a look at The Holiday, I’m Matt Mungle

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