1994 to date: Part 2

I concluded my previous post with the line:

“Mandela took to office and governed South Africa for one term. Thabo Mbeki is his successor and is now in his second term of office. However, no one has governed South Africa since Mandela.”

Let’s concentrate on Mbeki’s achievements:

He thought out the term African Renaissance all by himself. It has however not left the drawing board and not a single soul knows what it means but hey, it sounds good.

Contrary to all medical research and evidence he decided that HIV do not lead to AIDS and thus made it government policy not to supply anti-retroviral drugs to AIDS sufferers.

Mbeki managed to elevate Robert Mugabe, an insane tin-pot, dictator of neighbouring Zimbabwe, to the status of The Chosen Ruler because he did not smack him firmly and repeatedly about the head the first time they met (something that would have been a completely natural and understandable impulse of any other leader of a country)

Mbeki has forced the Boers into a more defensive position than before and totally underestimates their capabilities of lashing out.

As icing on the cake he is now considering breaching the constitution and running for a third term in office. However, this might not be a bad idea. His obvious successor, the deputy president, Jacob Zuma, stated during a rape trial against him that he thought it was OK to have sex with a HIV positive woman because he had a shower afterwards. Showering away HIV? This was part of the evidence that came to the fore during the trial. It must be noted that like Michael Jackson and Orenthal James Simpson, Zuma was found not guilty and remember that there is a distinct difference between not guilty and innocent.

Politically Correct speech in the New South Africa

With democracy, bless her soul, came a lot of new expressions and definitions. I will list a few of them and also explain some:

Rainbow Nation — Self explanatory.

Affirmative Action — placing people of colour in positions previously reserved for whites and mostly refer to the civil service. In a nutshell it means that they now are employed and can claim a salary. The term “work” is not covered by this expression.

Affirmative Shopping — method of payment “the business end” of an AK-47 and refers to armed robbery.

Fledgling Democracy — Politicians still hind behind this term when things go wrong. In my opinion a 13 year old democracy, like a human being of the same age, is fully accountable for its actions.

Trade not aid – a worldwide very politically correct slogan. There sure as hell is a lot of trade going on and a good way of killing two birds with one stone since aid is still forthcoming. Just a pity that those benefiting from this aid are the politicians, not the people. Never before has the world seen so many deals being cut with countries that were former supporters of the liberation movements.

In General

In South Africa one finds a large number of normal, very likeable people. A quick look at their authors and the quality of the work they produce is proof of this. They are however all so brow-beaten and bewildered by idiotic politicians that they can not shake off the mood of total disbelief. They are all rooted to the spot by total incomprehension and the prevailing thought in their minds remain: “What the hell will they come up with next?”
All of these people secretly wish to be offered the opportunity to get out of South Africa as fast as possible and have to put up a brave front until then as no one knows what new idiotic government policy or opinion will descend upon them next.

Roughly 60% of all Zimbabweans now live in South Africa as illegal aliens. This is a good thing for the Mbeki government since no one can do a census as to ascertain the number of mortalities attributed to AIDS. In the event of the government having access to these statistics it will remain a closely guarded secret.

The influx of illegal aliens has led to violent and out of control crime. South Africa sports more murders a year than the total number of casualties suffered and inflicted by the USA during their invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Boers believe there is a political motive behind these crimes as they, as the haves, are in most cases the victims. Let’s not forget the new, promising targets for criminal syndicates; tourists and international businessmen. In the light of South Africa hosting the football World Cup in 2010 this gives cause for some concern. A functioning and effective police force will not be a bad idea but will remain just that, a good idea.

Health care does not exist. The minister for health widely preaches that garlic and beetroot are the cure for AIDS. In turn they have traditional healers who propagates that the cure for AIDS is to have sex with an underage child. Children gets raped and murdered on a regular basis because of this.       

They have writers whose navigational skills surpass that of the most advanced Global Positioning Satellite system. Granted these skills are practised in the lower intestinal tract of humans and all have a starting point in common i.e. the sphincter of a prominent politician but still mind boggling amazing. (Apologies to Robert Kirby whose line I shamelessly adapted)

The ruling party, the ANC, can not differentiate between the political party and the State and any criticism of the ANC is deemed worst than blasphemy in the Roman Catholic Church. They are also incapable of differentiating between State Security and political opposition. All the resources of their Intelligence Agencies are thus wasted on monitoring political opposition.

In short; it’s an extremely violent, disease-ridden, deeply divided country and it can explode at ay given moment. Should the rest of the world take note of South Africa? Damn right you should! The population is being slaughtered by political incompetence and like Rwanda there is ample warning.

This background sets the stage for my future posts. I will do a weekly “political analyses” based on real-time reporting lifted from their media.

Gerrie Hugo is a South African living in Sweden who considers polka dot suspenders with a belt and matching clip-on bow-tie the height of fashion. Visit his Blog: http://gerthugo.blogspot.com/

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