Part One: “I’ve Seen it Done” 

A Look at Hillary Clinton’s “Experience” Claims

Does it qualify as “experience” if you watch someone else do something?

Part One of a Four Parts on The Hillary Clinton Experience

Would a Patient Let the Wife of the Surgeon Operate?

Experience with Accents

A story appeared a few days ago in the Iowa Gazette’s on-line site entitled “Bill Clinton praises Hillary’s Experience, Knowledge”. The Gazette circulation is primarily in eastern Iowa (Cedar Rapids and Iowa City).

At one time or another, Bill Clinton has campaigned for several of the 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls running in Iowa.
But the one he’s working for this year and is asking Iowa Democrats to caucus for Jan. 3 is the “most qualified non-incumbent I’ve ever supported,” the former president said Friday as he stumped across Eastern Iowa for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

Among the people who showed up to hear the former president speak, were Earl and Patricia. Earl was impressed with Ms. Clinton because of he’s convinced that the former First Lady will shake things up.

“She’s for change,” explained Earl, who will be a first-time caucusgoer.

Patricia liked the fact that Clinton was “experienced”.

“And she has the experience,” Patricia added.
Experience is a word the Clinton campaign has been throwing around quite a bit lately. “Experience” is used in Iowa like card players use the Jack of trump (right bower, right bar, jack) in a game of euchre; i.e., nothing beats it.

DBKP thought we’d look a little bit closer at the “experience” that we’ve been hearing so much about from the Clinton campaign.

Little Baby Ginn is putting together a story of just exactly what that experience consists of for Ms. Clinton. We’re not going to step on LBG’s toes, but we did want to point out a couple things.

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The Hillary Clinton Experience: Part One – “I’ve Seen It Done” 


The Hillary Clinton Experience: Part One – “I’ve Seen It Done”

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