Up until recently, if you satirized a certain chapter of the German past, you were at best accused of Verharmlosung (playing “it” down). At worst you were no good Nazi Dreck (filth). Now it seems as if the tables have turned and the only no good filth guys left out there these days (right out there?) are the ones tying to take the past seriously.

And this makes me worry (not). I am convinced that musician-comedian-writer-actor Helge Schneider is being underestimated in exactly the same way that you-know-who was. I mean, let’s face it; EVERYBODY underestimated A. H., that’s why he happened. And this is why I fear that Dani Levy’s soon-to-be-released farce “Mein Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler” could possibly unleash upon the unsuspecting, non-German speaking world (and it’s a big one) a comic megalomaniac the likes of which none of you out there have ever seen. And maybe that’s been for the best, too.

This is a Helge Schneider plug, in other words. No, of course I haven’t seen this film. And I probably even won’t (too cheap). But Helge Schneider is always funny as hell and if anybody can make you laugh about you-know-who (and I’m still not sure if it’s possible), this guy can. Okay, okay, Charlie Chaplain. Sorry.

The only problem is that Helge Schneider is untranslatable. Not just the language, I mean, his humor. You have to see it to believe it, and even then sometimes you don’t. Believe it, I mean. There’s no way that his clowning around can work but it does every time. Well I think it does. But hey, perhaps some things are better left unsaid/untranslatable. Because like Dani Levy said himself, “Comedy is more subversive than tragedy.”

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