Stephen Harpers beleaguered Canadian government seems to be courting trouble once again. It is a curious situation, and it should be fun to watch this one unfold, about the only good news is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are too busy creating havoc in their homeland to get involved in Canadian politics.

In this brave new world where we are constantly being told that our loss of privacy is for the greater good, and is aimed solely at preventing those people who would subvert our way of life from succeeding.

So what has our pal Stephen Harper done now? According to the Globe and Mail he has introduced a bill to ensure that we know who voters are, in other words they need to be identified prior to them casting a vote. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, I don’t mind flashing some ID, and indeed most people don’t.

But here is the catch, and a catch that will get some of the Middle Eastern minorities to get their knickers in a knot. If this bill becomes law you will have to reveal your face to prove identity. On a rational note, this makes perfect sense, where is the point of flashing a Drivers License or other form of photo ID if the person checking cannot see your face?

I have no doubt that this bill will be viewed by the groups affected as yet another example of Islamiphobia. I really think that it is time that these people learn that great tenet of life, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. You can rest assured that if the roles were reversed they would not make allowances for us Westerners.

Simon Barrett

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