After a dozen film festival showings and a good year and a half delay following its premiere during the Berlinale 2006, the Mecca of politically correct film culture, an obscure film distributor called Farbfilm Verleih has finally shown enough courage to bring out “Hamburger Lektionen” (The Hamburg Lessons), a reconstruction of video recordings taken in January 2000 of Imam Mohammed Fazazi in Hamburg’s Al-Quds Mosque. Fazazi held close contact to three of the four 9/11 suicide pilots who belonged to the Hamburg al-Qaida group.

No film distributor here has seen the need to touch this film up until now (think Danish Mohammed cartoon crisis, Germans in Afghanistan etc.), and the big film guys still pretend that it doesn’t exist and wouldn’t touch it anyway. Offering reconstructions of two entire Fazazi sittings given at the mosque before 9/11, the film is said to give insight into the inner-logic of Islamic sermonizers who, well, sermonize about Islam to al-Qaida suicide squads. And who wants to see that?

This sudden show of civil courage is purely coincidental and has nothing at all to do with the recent foiled terrorist attacks in Germany planned by plotters who had close contact to another Islamic preacher of hate (Said Khobaib Sadat) I am sure, but gee, I guess coincidences like these can be wonderful things, too (now Germany is threatened so maybe people finally want to see a film like this after all).

The Hamburg Lessons? Will they be as easy to learn as The Lower Manhattan Lessons were? Lots of people here don’t seem to have even learned those yet.

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