No sensible person can condone the actions of 22 people on September/11 2001. To needlessly kill thousands of innocent people is an act of violence so abhorrent it is without precedent. Some of those responsible have been captured, most notably Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the presumed mastermind behind the atrocity, and the Al Qaeda number two.

Here we are almost seven years later, and what have we achieved?

In my mind very little.

We have waged war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and many fine young people have lost their lives in the name of the flag. Osama Bin Laden is still out their, maybe in some cave in Pakistan, which is hardly the Hilton, but none the less he is still alive and taunting us.

Our only ‘trump’ card seems to be the prisoners we hold in Guantanamo Bay. But when you examine that victory you also see a self defeating situation. Yes we have the bad guys, yes we have been naughty with them, and having the fine open government that we are proud of, we tell the world that we have tortured some of the detainees. This gives the current Military Court about as much credibility as Twinkie Bars being good for you!

When viewed objectively all we seem to be doing is setting the stage for a bunch of martyrs to be created. Personally I think that  they should have finished off the likes of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed with a nice quiet unpublicized bullet to the head, rather than parade him to the world where we get to listen to his pointless rhetoric.

The Brits have the right idea, remember the hostage taking at the Iranian embassy back in the 70’s? The SAS had a mandate, get the hostages out safe, and make sure nothing else comes out alive!  Who needs a court case.

Simon Barrett

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