With all the hyperbolic political rhetoric in the blogosphere, one wonders if the American people are indeed “having a temper tantrum”.

Or maybe the patience of the American people with political correctness is now finished.

Example one: After years of the American public watching news reports of suicide bombings,  or lashing raped women, destroying Hindu temples and forbidding Catholics to attend Mass in Saudi, or the nincompoop in Iran threatening to destroy Israel, the “Ground Zero” mosque is the last straw.

Now, I don’t object to a mosque being located a few blocks away from Ground Zero, any more than I object to the strip club or the Kosher pizzeria nearby.

But to Americans, pretending not to object to a showcase spouting the wonders of Islam near a hole in the ground where a couple thousand of Americans were killed in the name of Allah is the last straw.

Americans sort of like the country, especially immigrants who know it is still the land of opportunity and freedom.

Yet under this president, it seems all we can do is “apologize”.

The latest? the US  government report apologized was to a UN Council run by member-states whose human rights problems are not the minor infractions of the US (such as ticketing too many Hispanics for missing tail lights),  but jailing dissidents and killing women accused of adultery.

Some right wing commentators wonder if Obama understands Americans, and I think the answer is no, because he was mentored by the extreme left nurtured by the Anti Americanism of the anti Vietnam war left.

So we get apologies, not explanations. Bush insisted that democracy could be a viable option for the Arab world. In contrast, Obama’s apologies  in Cairo made one go “Huh?”. Here he was, in a  country run by a ruthless dictator, and he apologized for the…Crusades?

Sorry, but the US Army didn’t fight in the Crusades. Come to think of it, my ancestors never went on Crusades. So why does the US President think he has to apologize that some Europeans tried to stop the Muslims from trying to take over Christian Byzantium 800 years ago?

And no, I’m not going to apologize for Bush removing Saddam Hussein, whose aggression killed a million Iraqis, Iranians, and Kurds before he was removed.

The “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy is more about the “culture wars” than about religion.

The real symptom of the problem of political correctness is how the entertainment industry promoted Anti Americanism. Bush as Hitler jokes abounded for years, but it became taboo to make any joke insulting any Muslim.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Spike Jones could portray Herr Schikelgruber (AKA Hitler) as a monkey in the 1930’s, but heaven help SouthPark if they make a joke about the Prophet, for fear of the crazies who demand death for those who “insult Islam”.

Americans have gone along with this “pretend we love everything about Islam” nonsense for personal reasons.

Frankly, it is because a lot of them have Muslim neighbors who they like. They worry these neighbors might be targeted by nut cases, and many remember their own ancestors fleeing the old country because of religious persecution.

But with the recession, something snapped. These opinions that were ridiculed by their “betters” are now being expressed, partly because it was their “betters” who stayed in lucrative jobs while ordinary folks got laid off.

One result of this unleashing of supressed anger is the anger against the Ground Zero mosque. No longer will many Americans pretend that a lot of crazies  distorting the Koran to teach hatred and promote murder in dozens of countries cannot be criticized because you might “insult Islam”.

People know the difference between Catholicism that teaches charity/piety to one billion people, and a small corrupt Catholic bureaucracy that ignored child abuse. Similarly, ordinary people know there is a difference between the religion of Islam that teaches charity/piety for one billion people, and those few who use the Koran to teach children to become suicide bombers.

Trying to silence voices that see the difference by insisting on “tolerance” is political correctness gone mad.

One of reasons behind the “Ground Zero Mosque” protest can be summarized as “follow the money”.

Does the money come from local Muslims who are raising money among themselves to construct a mosque near their homes? Or will this mosque be a front for anti Americanism and Islamicist propaganda, funded by oil money from the Middle East and staffed with those from the Wahhabi sect of Islam, one that preaches hatred of other religions?

No, it is not Islam per se that is rejected, nor hatred of their neighbors who follow the Koran. It is fear that religious tolerance is being subverted to destroy the country that gave a lot of us a freedom of religion that our ancestors were denied in the “old country”.

And it says a lot about the American people that thousands of Muslims in Tulsa can worship in peace, while Christian Filipinos in Riyadh face deportation if discovered worshipping, and that the only mosque destroyed in the last few days was done by the Taliban, not an American “redneck”.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She blogs about human rights at Makaipa blog.

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