Once again it is time for that gloriously and uniquely Canadian event know as the Grey Cup. This annual event, the very apex of Canadian Football, will no doubt draw huge crowds, I personally know of at least two people that plan to watch it on TV, one of them was going to host a Grey Cup party, but he couldn’t find anyone to come. It turned out that one of the cable channels was running a Coronation Street marathon, and lets face it, Coronation Street is infinitely more appealing than the CFL.

While the teams in the Super bowl bask in the warmth of places like Florida, or Southern California, our teams are huddled around a portable Kerosene heater trying to get some feeling back in their frostbitten fingers. The Canadian version of football does tend to be exciting though, with only 3 downs it leads to a throwing game rather than a running game. Well thats the accepted version anyway, personally I thing they just want to get rid of the damn football, lets face it, when it is colder than a witches whatsit, and you are not wearing much more than an anti-frost device on your private parts, who wants a bunch to goons mashing you into the permafrost?

This years adventure in arctic sports features the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. If there is nothing on Food Channel, or HGTV you might want to check it out. I am sure it is on some cable channel, maybe Spike as part of its eXtreme sports , or Discovery in their ‘Dirty Jobs’ series. Maybe even A&E, they have an empty slot now that they sacked Dog Chapman.

There is so much hype surrounding the Super Bowl that you would need to be a deaf and blind mute to not know who is playing in it. I actually had to Google to find out who the protagonists of this event are going to be.

Simon Barrett


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