Back in the 1970’s, Jimmy Carter was unlucky. He seemed to have a tin ear and do nothing right, and so Teddy Kennedy decided to rescue the party and run against him. Americans who saw the huge increase in gasoline prices, a sour economy, inflation that ate their savings, and mortgage rates of 12 percent, were getting restless. And Teddy might have won, except for Chappaquiddick.

Too bad, since the ultimate result was a landslide for Ronald Reagan.

This year, there are signs that the same thing might be developing. Obama, once the darling of a press that gave him a pass on his lack of experience, is now finding that some of the press have “buyer’s remorse”.

So now, Drudge had a headline (now removed) mentioning that a certain person was not at the State of the Union address.

No problem, right? After all, I read Tom Clancy too, and know that someone has to be away just in case a demented Oriental decides to destroy the US government.

But an AP story denies this, only saying that important discussions in London were more important than the presence of the Secretary of State.

I might believe this, if I wasn’t aware that the Secretary of State has been sidelined to advising African governments to stop people from raping women, or instructing the Philippine government so push birth control in our government clinics. In other words, Secretary of State Clinton was not given the job to influence foreign policy, but to keep her quiet. That is why she is not in the headlines very often, and when she is, often she is doing trivial things that should have been delegated to lower staff.

One result of her absence, according to USNEWS, is the rumor that Hillary plans to run against Obama in 2012.

The chatter has increased in recent days about Clinton leaving the cabinet sometime in the first term, likely over some matter of principle, so that she can position herself to challenge Obama in 2012. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking on the part of those Democrats who have already grown tired of Obama. What is true is that Clinton can still mobilize the political infrastructure necessary to mount an effective challenge to the sitting president.

The dirty little secret is that, if Obama’s left wing backers had not pulled some very dirty shenanigans in the caucuses and getting the vote of the superdelegates, Hillary would have won. The popular vote was essentially equal, and a lot of us are still upset that the press wrote her off early as the loser, and essentially crowned Obama in it’s coverage.

And now, reports that Obama’s operatives are doing a preemptive strike against her supporters have made some speculate that this is a “preemptive strike” against a Hillary 2012 campaign.

HillBuzz Blog reports that they have been named and targeted by Obama supporters, not merely with criticism on left wing blogs, and not merely by trolls in the comments section (which is of course a normal part of the blogosphere) but with charges of racism.

Almost IMMEDIATELY after BigotBasher launched his attack on us, that post was picked up by The Daily Kos and DemocraticUnderground.  A host of other Leftist, Obama-supporting sites followed suit, repeating TheBigotBasher story as fact.

It is now impossible for us to ever remove all of this libel from Google searches.

And not just charges that the blog is “racist”, but personal attacks on the bloggers themselves; as a result, the members of the blog have lost jobs offers.

But is there a pattern in all of this? Hillbuzz says yes:

How are all of these sites being coordinated, so that something posted on an obscure blog like BigotBasher on January 20th can be reposted and distributed to millions of people by close of business that same day?

Who are the people behind attacks like this?

Who is coordinating them?

Heck, I don’t know. I live in the Philippines.

But an unrelated item makes one wonder if coordination by Obama operatives to manipulate the news and destroy their personal enemies might indeed be going on.

Last week, there was a buzz in the right wing blogosphere about a woman writing the same letter, supporting the President, to several newspapers, using different addresses. At first it was a joke, “a typical astroturf” letter writer, says Lileks at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Michael Smerconish at the Daily Beast blames it all on the downsizing of newspapers’ staffs, and an over-enthusiastic letter writer.

But then more and more papers checked the story, and the right wing site Newsbusters said it’s 42 and counting.

Still, no problem. I mean, if I get 100 Viagra emails in my mailbox every day, it doesn’t mean that it’s a great Viagra conspiracy out there. As for the different addresses, well, duh. Local papers only print local letters, so make up an address. No big deal.

But then I ran across this item at theMyPet Jawa site:

In all the years I’ve been tracing IPs from wanna-be-terrorists, I’ve never had that many different IPs from the same person in that short of time….(this)suggests that the person/persons behind the emails was either a) already tech savvy or b) went through a great deal of trouble to cover their tracks…. unless he’s an IT guy or a hacker…(this) suggests organization.

Translation: Making up a fake adddress so that your letter to the editor will be printed, no problem.

Changing your IP (internet connection) address is not easy for ordinary grandmoms.

In summary,  the “great right wing conspiracy” that went after the Clintons has now turned into a “great left wing conspiracy”.

Attention Hillary: Time to get that pink suit out of storage…


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes about human rights at MakaipaBlog.

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