If only he had the simple ideals of Virtue, Charity, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice, even as an imposter, Obama might have been a good leader. Surely we have been led in the past by those without some of these ideals. With his wordsmithing and charisma Barack could have been a uniter of people as he promised, but confused of identity and to the chagrin of African Americans and Hispanic Americans, he has set back race relations decades. With his divisive attitude, Obama has in three years set blacks against whites and Hispanics, women against men, and the have nots against the haves as never seen before.

Without just the one ideal “Virtue”, it is impossible to be a good leader. It is impossible to be a good person. As a serial liar and a puppet of Marxist, Socialist theory he has led us quickly down a path that, if not halted now, will lead to a world of total chaos. One only needs to pay attention as Obama is finally vetted and the truth about him is finally being exposed.

When will the innocent little child in us all step up and finally say “Hey! The Emporer has no clothes!”?

Please read the following blog posted on October 22, 2008 by Weaver


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