Not satisfied with personally blaming the United States for being “principally responsible” for blocking the non-going progress in battling climate change at the UN climate conference in Bali, ex-United States Vice President and current Savior of the Climatized World Al Gore HIMSELF has called upon Germany’s Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (HE also likes to refer to him as Mini-Me) to slam the United States, as well.


A visibly uncomfortable and heavily-sweating Gabriel (global warming, remember?), confused at first by Gore’s request because that’s all he ever does anyway, then promptly jumped in to his standard shtick about how “some political leaders lack the courage to transform into decisions what experts have elaborated.” Tja (oh man), Germany and experts, that’s a long, sad story, isn’t it? And that Gabriel only has the courage to say what one expects him to say, I guess he didn’t have the time to elaborate upon that during his speech, either, the world melting away and all (in Germany) like it is.

Professional, uh, whatever that they are, Gore and Gabriel understand perfectly well that by associating “a single country” with the “global” warming issue they can kill two birds with one stone. Not only can they rally public enthusiasm by loading the non-biodegradable sins of the world upon the world’s favorite scapegoat, “they” (Germany, for instance), having yet to accept the fact that they are one of the world’s worst environmental sinners (using their own arguments as a measurement), have bought themselves more time to not actually have to do anything at home, a favorite German pastime. You know, talk is cheap and all that? And as for Gore, well, he’s just stark raving mad.

How about a concrete step forward for once? Let’s reduce the time allotted for the world to have to view and listen to The Gore and Gabriel Show down to about only six or seven or maybe eight hours a day. That ought to reduce the output of hot gas dramatically.

Can I at least lip-synch when Dr. Evil raps?

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