The GOP has divided like some amoeba on a glass slide under a microscope. 

There are the Globalists that continue to warn the various GOP candidates and politicians that they will damage their political careers if they take the side of those wanting to seal the border and strictly enforce existing immigration laws.  They blame the discontent by GOP voters on the Iraq War, run-away federal spending and scandalous behavior by elected GOP politicians.  They delight in pointing to the downfall of those who have taken strong enforcement first stances.    J.D. Hayworth lost his congressional seat in Arizona after taking a tough stance on the border.  George Allen of Virginia lost his senate seat, some say for the same reason.  Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. And in the current presidential race the campaigns of both  hard line border enforcement candidates, Hunter and Tancredo appear to be sinking like a rock.  Their fundraising efforts a total joke.  Or so these geopolitical elitists would want us to believe. 

And then there’s our side of the divided amoeba.  We don’t really have “advisers” and “strategists” telling us what our next move should be.  We live every day with the reality of illegal immigration and its negative, downward pull on our social structure.  We’ve observed the illegals banding together, marching in the streets of America.  Streets that we as taxpayers have paid to build.  We saw them waving Mexican flags and burning American flags.  Their monumental ingratitude.  We’ve watched our politicians allow these illegal hordes to invade our nation and enjoy rights and privileges that actually accede our own.   And when we dared to raise complaints regarding this dangerous and worsening situation these same politicians, that we elected,  presented us with disrespect, insults and intimidation.  Yet we fight on to maintain and protect our nations sovereignty.

Sadly, we are losing.  The globalists controlling our party seem to be gaining the upper hand.  Both  Hunter and Tancredo are nearly out of cash ( link ).  The other candidates , good men all, will simply not remain on our side in the long term, in my view.  They are making all the correct noises now because they want our votes.  But when the battle gets intense they’ll fall back on they’re long proven expertise – the art of compromise.  

So the question begs to be answered – why?  Why have the campaigns of Hunter and Tancredo faltered?   Certainly its not lack of support.  Duncan Hunter recently left the entire GOP pack in the dust in the Texas Straw Poll.  No one was even close.  He’s also won other straw polls. Tancredo did well in the recent Iowa straw.  Why are they so upside down in the fundraising department?  Would it be fair to say that their followers are a bunch of  dunces who go about waving their flags and emotions in the air?  Who are so stupid that they can’t figure out that it takes money to run a campaign?  God forbid as I count myself among them.   Well the jury is not yet in on that verdict yet.  But honestly, something simply doesn’t add up.  About 60% of Americans support tougher enforcement of immigration laws.  Hunter and Tancredo both have large followings.  So where are the donors? 

Where the heck are these so called Border Watch groups, I ask?  Groups like the Minutemen Project?  And U.S. Border Watch?  Jim Gilchrist’s  Wake Up America?  And U.S. Border Control?  And these are just a few.  There are many more org’s of this nature.  But when you visit these sites you see no open support for Hunter or Tancredo.  No ads, banners or anything.   You can’t tell me that there isn’t a way to, legally, get the word out to their members regarding the fundraising woe’s of these 2 candidates.   My gosh the entire Borders/Illegals issue is at stake!  Certainly the decision makers within these organizations must have enough snap to know that without enlightened politicians and originalist judges on the bench our cause of U.S. sovereignty is doomed!  Many of the org’s have become bogged down in the details and have lost sight of the mission.  I ask all who read this to begin some kind of email campaign or other correspondence to these org’s immediately.  Especially those who might be members of such  groups.  Put pressure on them to more aggressively work for our 2 valiant candidates Hunter and/or Tancredo.  Withhold your donations to these groups until they regain the correct priorities.  Inform them, if they don’t know, of the dire fundraising situation that our 2 candidates face and encourage them to formulate an action plan to help keep these campaigns effective financially.  These candidates can not be effective without TV/Radio campaigns and that takes money. 

And one might ask, where is corporate America?  Why no help for the Hunter and Tancredo campaigns from large U.S. companies?   One of the main thrusts of the Hunter campaign is to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.   You’d think large companies would be all over that and the donations would be pouring in.  Not so.  You see the corporate fat cats see the blood in the water.  Republican blood.  So the corporate cowards are shifting over to the dem’s thinking that the GOP will be devoured by the sharks.  The CEO’s like the idea of Hillary Care.  A huge chunk of their annual budget goes toward medical insurance benefits for their employees.  They like the idea of that massive expenditure instead being diverted into their quarterly bonus’.   Additionally, they love the continued flow of cheap labor coming from across the border.   This is why both Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo are persona non grata in the eyes of the corporate fat cats.  And the dem’s are wallowing in money.

So while the fundraising efforts of our valiant candidates Hunter and Tancredo continue to sink into the quagmire, the globalists that have hijacked “our” GOP are standing around in the shadows having a good laugh at our expense.  Snickering at us. Also sinking into the quagmire is our cause of sealing the borders and insisting that our elected officials see to it that immigration laws are strictly enforced.  Why should they listen to us?  We can’t even keep our own candidates in a liquid financial state.    So to all of you who still believe that the notion of national sovereign borders is not an antiquated, obsolete concept,  I ask you, do you enjoy the sting of defeat?  How do you like being laughed at, rebuked and put back into your place by the elitists?

I also put forth the question – is it too late to reverse this negative trend?  Is there still time? I believe there is time but none to waste.   I welcome your comments.  And who is your least-favorite GOP open borders globalist? Leave a link.   DD 

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