According to ABC report there is good news and bad news about diets.

The good news: Atkins diet works the best.

The Bad News: The average weight loss on Atkins was…ten pounds.

The average weight loss on other diets was….6 pounds.

As a doctor, we treated a lot of diabetics and Metabolic syndrome.

Dieting doesn’t work. If you lose, you gain back because the body thinks you are starving and resets the weight gain button in your brain.

So usually I tell my patients to exercize and eat right rather than to diet.
They may stay the same weight, but they are in better shape and a healthier diet makes them feel better.

The dirty little secret is that 90% of people can’t lose weight easily.

And women obsessed with body image often put off life until they thin down. So often I instruct my women how to wear makeup and what clothes to buy to look attractive (while I myself wear Land’s end fashion and no makeup). Self esteem is important. Life is too short to center your world around a diet: yes, diet. Yes, exercize, but family comes first, then your job, then the dirty clothes in the hamper next to the washer.

And yes, eat the chocolate cake. You husband would rather have a happy fluffy wife than a thin harpy.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket”>

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