Good news: The anti wart virus strains that may cause most cancers of the cervix are blocked by the so called cancer vaccine.

Bad news: most women already have been exposed to the virus by the time they get the vaccine.

Good news: Despite all the reports on the “conservative” and “christian” groups opposing it, most actually do not. They do oppose making it mandatory, however, in the name of parental rights.
Bad news: the vaccine costs $360 plus three office visits per person.

Good news: The government will probably pay for it

Bad news: the vaccine probably only works for three years, so look for booster shots

Good news: Cuts cancer virus by 17%

Bad news: other HPV (wart) virus strains that cause small numbers of the cancer aren’t blocked, so if the vaccine increases promiscuity, we will continue to see more cancer.

Good news:  could help in third world where paps are not common

Bad news: in those areas they couldn’t afford the vaccine.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines

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