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2008 – Year of the Pain Ray

Two common terms in the American vernacular, ADS and Nuke’Em, could take on new meanings next year.  ADS will no longer solely refer to Attention Deficit Syndrome, the catch-all phrase our schools seem to use when children can’t learn, and Nuke ‘Em won’t necessarily mean firing off a host of ballistic missles, or throwing a couple of hotdogs into a microwave.

The new ADS is the military’s Active Denial System.  It does have a few similarities to the old ADS and Nuke ‘Em phrases.  For one, it will certainly get people’s attention, and while not a nuclear weapon, it is a weapon none the less.  The tie-in with curled up hotdogs?  It’s a microwave beam.

The designated mission of the system will be to get enemy combatants, or unruly mobs, to leave a scene without firing a shot, by quickly heating the outter layer of human skin.  Testing has shown the new ADS to be pretty effective at this, and one’s decision to leave a scene, well, it’s not really a ‘decision’ at all.  Your body instinctively moves you out of the way, because it hurts.  Hence the nicknames Pain Ray and Gone Gun.

There are videos included in the Wired story linked below.
All the technical stuff is at the Government site.

News Source: Wired

Government Info: Joint Non-Leathal Weapons Program

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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