On Saturday April 24 we will be running a radio discussion program on the escalating illegal drug business. We have an excellent panel of experts lined up that cover a very wide set of categories.

Award winning journalist and News Director for The Sky 97.3 TJ Hart from Gainesville Florida has been reporting on the alarming increase in prescription drug abuse in the state. Florida seems to have become the South East’s Pharmacy!

Also joining us from Florida will be successful author Armando Aldazabal. He has two very drug oriented books out, What You Are Turning Me Into and most recently Cocaine Memoirs. Although both are works of fiction he pulls heavily from his own experiences with friends and family. He is very concerned about the rapidly escalating situation.

My next panellist is a man who brings a very unique set of skills to the table and I suspect he will have some very interesting comments. He is a pilot and a PMC (Private Military Contractor). David Alan Johnson has been heavily involved in both the War On Drugs and The War On Terror. While he cannot discuss his current operation he can talk about previous drug operations through best rehab center in Central and South America. David has worked for many of the Alphabet organizations (Think government agencies with three letter names).

He is also an author, Asgaard is a novel set in Africa and explores the roles of people much like himself. He also has authored a non-fiction book How To Get A Job In The War On Terror. This is not a ‘how to’ get a job as an airport screening guide! This is a book for the adventurous at heart. Even if you donot plan on risking your neck in some likely hostile part of the world it is worth a read. Davis shares some of his stories, I can honestly say that I don’t think I am cut out for that level of excitement!

Denny Griffin is a well known author and crime writer, he brings his wonderful analytic mind to the subject. When Denny speaks people listen (and if you don’t he knows people that will make you 🙂 ). His most recent book is Cullotta which is a biography of Vegas mobster Frank Cullotta.

My final guest is an ex mobster, Andrew DiDonato, he was part of the New York Gambino crime family, and one of his tasks was to arrange a drug corridor from Mexico, through San Diego, Las Vegas and onto New York. Andrew is currently working on a book with Denny Griffin about his life story. He is also about to release a documentary DVD on the subject. I have seen an early edit and all I can say is ‘chilling’. The final edit has just been completed and I am hoping to get my copy today or tomorrow. It is planned for a May three street date.

I have to admit that I am looking forward to this program. With guests like this who knows what will happen!

To quote that great line by Patrick Swayze in Road House “Expect the unexpected”

To tune into the program point your Web browser to www.blogtalkradio.com at noon pacific, 2pm central, 3pm eastern, or you can use this link.

Simon Barrett

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