German consumers are eating so much organic food these days that it is starting to have an adverse effect upon the delicate traditional German health food freak biotope. Strangely-clad urban health food wackos may soon find themselves forced to rummage through biodegradable garbage bins in search of pitiful organic food rests as armies of German Normalos (normal folk) now muscle their way in to over fish their organically green waters for pitiful organic food rests of their own. Supply can’t keep up with the rising demand these days, in other words.

“Bio” food (pronounced B-O as in body odor) sales have risen for the third year in a row in Germany, with supermarkets and specialty shops having sold over $6.5 billion worth of this strangely-named commodity in 2006.

Not even imported Bio-products from other European countries can currently meet consumer demand. The shortage is getting so bad, in fact, that the Germans are actually considering importing organic food stuffs from other “green” countries that aren’t even in Europe (gulp). Argentina and South Africa are in the running. China may be next. The United States is still out of the question because of “GM food”. Although what General Motors has to do with any of this is still beyond me.

Sales for the el cheapo pesticide-sprayed unhealthy crap the rest of us eat have increased accordingly due to the current green food shortage, but supplies of these worthless food stuffs are in little danger of depletion – for the moment, at least.

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