This week on the program Mannie Barling and Simon Barrett will once again be delving into the contentious and high profile case of George Zimmerman who faces a Second Degree Murder charge for the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Joing us on air will be Los Angeles based attorney Peter Haven and Ohio based author, deep thinker, and always interesting man, Sam Moffie.

The George Zimmerman case is one that contains many complex issues that cross many borders. Some say that it was a racially motivated crime involving profiling. Others see it as a straight self defense situation. Gun control advocates are shouting from the roof tops that this case proves that we need tighter gun ownership legislation. The pro Gun lobby is arguing long and hard that this case proves that we should all be packing heat just for this sort of situation.

The one thing that is very clear is that this has become a polarizing case. People have set up their camps, and are entrenched in their positions. What many people are missing is that very important aspect called the Legal System. Sure, sometimes it seems to have failed us, it seems to move at the pace of a snail, but it is surprisingly good at getting the desired result in the long run.

Late this week it was revealed that the web site George Zimmerman had created to assist his defense fund had managed to raise an eye popping amount of money, $204,000 is not loose change! Of course it is unknown (right now) if this money was raised before or after his bond hearing. We do however seem to have information that $5,000 of it was used in securing a third of the needed $15,000 to get him out of jail.

Bond is not set (usually) at a prohibitively high rate, more it is set at an attainable level for the person, but high enough to make a serious financial impact should they decide to flee.

I do hope that you will join us on Sunday at 3pm central to listen in to what is going to be an interesting discussion. The Listen Live link is here.

If you missed last weeks program you can listen in here.

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