He sheds philosophical light on modern times.

When I first started reading I thought it was book of poetry so my reaction was very negative and then my girlfriend started reading it and said it sounds more like philosophical prose so I started reading it again with that in mind and it improved. Often times we always talk about cities as concrete jungles or even the city as an oppressive force our lives. People long for the country (so they fake it with suburbia) but in this book Ronnie Lee extols the importance and virtues of urban living, cities, banks, economies and all of modernity. Most importantly he sees a connected whole in the city, even in something as innocuous as business law (4 page section) he finds a connectivity and a positive. The book is thick at 696 pages but it is filled with interesting sections and a bit of philosophy on every matter. The best thing I like is that he sees the city as an organism to be enjoyed and cherished. It seems as if he cannot see life without the advantages, inventions, institutions, and laws of the urban jungle.

Also very interesting is the spiritual angle. He somehow finds a great deal of spiritual transcendence and energy in the everyday living of urban things that is rather fascinating. I’m still working on how he finds that but in the book he takes everyday things in business, the economy, currency, and more and finds spiritual truths. If anything this book takes the spiritual puts it in the context of the 21st century which I think is possible because of his Hong Kong location.

I’ve written about Mr. Lee several times, he has studied in the UK and as I mentioned now lives in Hong Kong. His book can be found on Amazon under the title, The Genius of the Metropolis – Spiritual economics and general philosophy” This book is published by outskirts press.

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