“There have been approximately 7,200 rockets (Grads, Qassams) and mortars launched at Israel since 2005″, according to IDFSpokesperson.com.  There are more stats at the link, but let that one sink in for a moment (especially after reading this headline).

Now consider that when Israel finally defends itself, and launches a counter-attack, with the goal, not of revenge, not of tit-for-tat, but to stop the attacks aimed at it’s civilians by targeting Hamas’ military, then and only then does the “anti-war” Left spring into action.  I really must put “anti-war” in scare quotes because, as much as their rhetoric is anti-all-war, they only get their dander up when their particular political ox is being gored.  They dredge up their celebrities, who have been chirping with the crickets for years regarding Hamas’ continual barrage, and get them to feign outrage for the media.

Israel made the extremely difficult decision to evict its own people out of their homes to make Gaza available to the Palestinians.  But with respect to international relations, the only thing that did was give Hamas a closer base of operations to fire rockets into southern Israel.  And as this short video production notes, distance is only a matter of time.  Unless Hamas’ ability to launch is severely curtailed or stopped, major population centers are on their list.

But nary a word from the “anti-war” Left, hardly a bare nod to what Hamas terrorists have been inflicting on Israel for years.  There’s a word for this: Disingenuous.

I’d like to re-link something that Mark O. noted before.  This post at Chicago Boyz notes that terrorism, historically, cannot be negotiated with.  Any concessions simply bolster their cause for more terrorism.  Israel, after decades of pressure, gave up land for peace.  They did the former, but they never got the latter.  And if all they do is make concessions, they never will.  (Remember this when discussing “root causes” of 9/11, by the way.)

I’ll leave you with this post from Yourish.com; 15 New Commandments for gradual self-destruction.  See what the liberal mindset hath wrought.  (And bookmark “yourish.com”.  Their analysis of the media coverage of the Gaza war has been fantastic.)

Doug Payton blogs at Considerettes.

UPDATE: Apparently, I’m unable to comment on my own post here on BNN.  I’ve alerted the editor, but until then, here is a response to the first 3 commenters below.

Paddy, no, I think you got the point of the post wrong.  I’m against Hamas, who would gladly have the blood of 5,000 people (Palestinian or Israelis, doesn’t matter to their agenda) on their hands if they could get better rockets.

Rich, careful with that short attention span.  If you recall way, way back in 2003, George W. Bush said much more than WMDs in his State of the Union address.  Here’s a transcript where, yes, you’ll find mentions of the UN charging Iraq with creating bio-weapons, but also being a threat to neighboring countries (and its own people) in an unstable but vital area, harboring terrorists and encouraging terrorism, human rights abuses noted by global organizations, and thumbing its nose at decades of UN resolutions.  Please refresh your history before making pronouncements like “finding WMD, period.”

And why is Hamas tossing rockets into Israel?  Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with their charter calling for Israel’s destruction.  For Hamas, it is not about land (they have Gaza) and it’s not about trust.  They have blatantly stated for all to see what it is about for them.  Well, blatant if you’re willing to simply read their charter.  If not, you can sing Kumbaya all you want, but they won’t stray from their mission just for that.

Jonas, the point is that the Palestinians wanted Gaza, and they got it.  Then they negotiated a cease fire.  And then they continue to lob rockets into Israel.  Just because the Israeli government isn’t as pure as the driven snow, that doesn’t mean that Hamas is somehow their moral equivalent.  What have the civilians of Sderot done to deserve the 7 years of rocket attacks?  Did Hamas phone in or text message people to let them know when and where they were coming in, like the IDF has been doing for the Palestinians?  They are simply not equivalent.  Are you unable to make any value judgments at all?

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