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It is once again a package of eerie feelings and lost ground coming from mismanagement or non chalant behaviour.Time after time some minds have been warning Yahya A J J Jammeh President of The Republic of The Gambia to understand the difference between personal feelings,personal Interests and National issues. This unruly character never intends to budge. Wait and see Yahya a dark cloud is speeding towards Banjul and you will certainly feel the rain droplets on your wide shoulders. There is an old English saying that goes…”Silence means consent”….Really? If that is the case then why didn’t Yahya say a word about Idrissa Seck’s visit to Banjul? Why didn’t Yahya remove the smoke around Seck’s presumed hotel bill at the ocean bay? Was Seck in Banjul? Yes. Was Seck in Cote D’Ivoire? Yes. Did Seck’s visit to Cote D’Ivoire anger President Wade? Of course it did. Him Wade and his immediate surrounding were angered by Seck’s polarised visit these countries including a sister Republic like The Gambia. Why would Wade not feel the same way towards Yahya Jammeh? President Wade is extremely angry with Jammeh but trying to show another face for diplomatic reasons. The elderly show maturity where rude youngsters think they are in control. It is much better for Wade to flap his wings like a moth while passing by a hive of angry bees that are ready to sting! There is no doubt in the minds of those who have seen the dark cloud,that Yahya Jammeh’s end will be bloody and dirty. Yahya Jammeh’s easy target is President Wade. He likes calling the old Papa in the open and then accusing him for a possible invasion when the heat within Banjul is too much to contain. Yahya has to remember that he and others overthrew Jawara when the Nigerians where there! He has to remember that it will be Gambians not Ethiopians who will handle his case one day. He has to understand that insults are not palatable,therefore when people become hungrier and hungrier they will force the gates and take to the streets. Do not dream and think fighters give up. Fighters do not give up. Winning a battle does not mean winning a war. Yahya you started a war and someone will end it. Sure it will be. Yahya arrested Abou Dia a Casamance rebel leader. He also reinvited Willy Joof at the department of state for foreign affairs. Those of us who know Yahya have already done the math ready to give the answer once he starts making noise. There are deeper details surrounding the arrest of Dia and reappointment of Joof. These are linked patterns that Yahya himself will not dispute. He indeed knows where the writer is coming from. This time around Yahya will be shocked and suprised if he intends to use our opposition members or the army as scape goats while trying to appease Dakar. He will be surprised! No more words on that one,let him keep on dreaming that he has succeeded. Sure Yahya Jammeh there are sons and daughters who never give up so easily. You may win some battles but the war is far from being over brother! YAHYA JAMMEH’S SUPERFICIAL and RUDE APOLOGY. Yahya Jammeh has apologized…Yes he has. It is very good to apologise for that matter,however,can the apologetic force apology into the minds of those offended. If Yahya meant to apologise he would have waited for those he offended to say they have forgiven him in return. No. The commoner from Kansala went ahead again taking apology into his own hands. He asked for it from people and then at the same time called those people loners. Hello! Who keeps on telling Yahya Jammeh that people are suffering,begging and limping out of pain everyday? Who tells Yahya this? Yahya you are being misled at a very very fast pace. Stop it brother and face reality! Trust not the shadows Mr Jackal. Shadows are worse than silhouettes. In wolof there is what wise men said…They said this…” Taha-Nderr Daffa toppeh waayeh dou hehh leh”. Shadows follow but when an image is fighting they never join any fight. Yahya Jammeh you have shadows near you not supporters. Whenever you look around you see smiles and smiling faces. They are so appeasing that these smiles are just too good to be true Yahya. Sit down and think for a while. Ruling for years is a possibility but an ending similar to the guillotines of Bastille is not what all rulers wish for themselves. Hello! The Tsars of Russia never budged when little men advised them. Oh My! they wanted to listen to these little men when the tide was higher. The societal tide was so high that their rudders couldn’t handle the power of the waves. Always think about grass when grace is so gracious. YAHYA JAMMEH’S EVIL INTENSIONS- EXPORTING WAR TO SHOW THE SEEDS OF PERSONALITY CULT- A BROKER FOR ARMS DEALERS WITHOUT TRACES. Yahya Jammeh’s so called influence within Africa(illusions soaked in dreams!) has been burning inside his mind for so many months. Yahya has been thinking big but acting little. Yahya Jammeh does not understand that changing tactics is acceptable in revolutions but changing principles could be deadly. Yahya of course is not a revolutionary therefore nothing much should be expected from him in that light. However, as he is leading our beloved nation towards a dead end we may as well get ready and take the steering wheel as soon as possible. Otherwise we will leave to regret the present when the future knocks on our doors. Yahya Jammeh was warned not to invite the Somali rebel leaders with a grand style during the AU Summit. He never budged. He did so and even showed the current Somali head of state that he cared less. He spoke about supporting muslim brothers this and that. What happened 48 hours ago? This is the way change comes near mad and stubborn groups calling themselves leaders. What is the difference between Yahya Jammeh and the Somali rebels who have just been evaporated from the field of activities in Africa? Nothing. They are the same people in different locations. Now that the Somali Islamists are gone let us not fold our hands again and start insulting one another while Yahya is laughing at a corner. No. There will indeed be an avalanch of hard facts to follow suit. No one hates Yahya Jammeh to extend of fabricating stories linking him to the existence of the former Somali rebel government. He knows this is not hate but fact. He knows this is not about personal things,it is all about national issues. Yahya Jammeh cannot excuse himself from dossiers,targeting him along the periphery of Somali fishing licences in Puntland state. Yahya has to tell people why he was so eager to see the Somali rebel leader with a dyed beard in Banjul? He also has to ask himself why Ethiopia committed its resources and fources therefore help expel these rebels from within? He also has to ask himself why those rebel leaders chose to flee? He also has to be ready to defend himself in the event some of them decide to spill the beans. They indeed will have a lot to say about certain African leaders who had close relations with them during the past six months. There is no way any serious investigation can excuse Yahya Jammeh from being a good friend of the Somali rebels. He knows that for a fact. If the world today wants to base all facts on signed documents then vicious characters like Yahya Jammeh will never be apprehended. The Gambia’s case is one that is kept in a slippery file. One has to be ready to catch it with sandy hands,if not it will never be caught and caged. The answer is nothing but reliable human Intelligence. This is not absent around Yahya. So much and so many living witnesses are there. There is where I want us to lend an ear to Sana Sabally. Stopping him from talking is not a wise idea. He may know far more than many of us do. If we really want Yahya out we need Sana’s version too. Trying Sana before listening to him is not wise either. The target is Yahya for now. After Yahya is gone we can then think about other issues. In South Africa the truth and reconciliation never took place before the departure of De Klerk. In Liberia too Charles Tayrlor was never going to be arrested and caged if Obasanjo did not lure him out of power. Remember Charles Taylor killed Sieraleone’s MOSQUITO(rebel leader) before he left the seat of power. Who knows what MOSQUITO could have revealed against Taylor if he was alive? Even wise dictators reserve some elements for political interest. We must have to learn about strategic methods. Strategic methods cannot be possible where emotions are flying like kites. We have to be ready to listen and learn. Sana is not a saint but he knows something that some saints do not know. These dreams we have cannot be realised when the deadly snake itself is within the house. I am not defending Sana! I am simply asking for patience while he is volunteering to talk. Sana has at least tasted jail. Has Yahya tasted any punnishment so far? Not at all! MY TRIP OF FRESH AIR-YAHYA JAMMEH IS STILL THE SAME OLD CHASTISED CHARACTER. It was a pleasure for me to meet and shake hands with people in Togo and Ghana. I saw old faces and new ones. My duty was to work for a company and come back but! this duty was nearly deviated by the bitter feelings I heard from people who are so close to your army Mr Jammeh. Do you think you are being informed about the realities on the ground? Do you? I love my country but I will ever continue disagreeing with you as far as you have chosen to continue personalising national issues. Posted on Friday, December 29, 2006 (Archive on Monday, January 22, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered By PointClick

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