The Executive VP at Oracle Product Development, Thomas Kurien, revealed in a keynote address that innovation throughout several deployment areas like desktops, servers and mobile devices is what lies ahead for Java within Oracle’s realm. He was delivering a JavaOne keynote speech, laying out the various parameters for Java in the future.

As far as Java development is concerned, performance, graphics, and better programming capacity will be part of Oracle’s plans for Java. After Sun shuttered down in 2009, Oracle has been operating Java after a takeover.

Kurian was quoted as saying by, Oracle will be concentrating on two basic concepts with reference to desktops and servers. That is to optimize Java for the latest applications considered as emerging classes and to upgrade Java for the most recent hardware that is coming out.

He also said that the message to java developers is to make an attempt to augment developer productivity. Project Coin by Oracle is undergoing development at the current time is designed to offer better type inferences , i.e. innovation will involve making developer productivity better with a more accurate code. Meanwhile, Project Lamda is about bringing closures to the actual language. In this regard, Lamda is designed to offer a better replacement for inner classes. It will also support parallel opterations on collections.

The Project Jigsaw is another plan by Oracle to build new modularity for Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kurien said that for java developers, it gets rid of the classpath that is prone to errors and makes packaging and using applications much faster and easier.

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