“When we think of armies, we think of mass waves of soldiers, but very seldom do we think of the one man and his story. That’s what this book gives us.” — Dog Eared Books

I rather like the quote, it is so true. The history books always paint the story with a broad brush and the color of the paint is always chosen by the winner! I have not yet read The Forgotten Soldier, but the synopsis sounds yummy:

This is a story of what happened to a man who was a sergeant of a twelve man squad in the second wave of the D-Day invasion, Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944. Less a story of combat, more a story of what happened to the man, Sgt. Dan Altman, who landed on Omaha Beach with his squad and fought its way off Omaha Beach into France, across the Siegfried Line, into the Hurtgen Forest and on to the Battle of the Bulge and then finally as part of the guard unit at Camp Ashcan and the Prison at Nuremburg guarding high ranking Nazi’s such as Hermann Goering, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Albert Kesselring and others. Sergeant Altman, because of his war record and Jewish Faith, was chosen as part of a five man unit to visit notorious concentration camps at Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and Auschwitz to make reports for the Prosecution Attorney for the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg. He returned home to his wife in Newark, New Jersey, on December 15, 1945.

I am lucky, I have never been involved in a war, so I can only guess at the horror.
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