food-revolution-papers.jpgThe team of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett got together once again to discuss the political aspects of the food on your dinner plate.

The press is talking about the National and International economic crisis that we find ourselves in, and yes it is a serious problem. But it is not the only serious problem that we face. There is a growing issue with food, nutrition and health. This crisis while not getting the press coverage it deserves, is one that impacts every person, and is entrenched in politics.

Few people understand the food chain involved. A simple corn seed is not as simple as it seems. And hard though it may be to believe, that simple corn seed involves many billions of dollars each year. There is an unholy alliance between Big Food, Big Pharma, the government, and even the Supreme Court.

Sure, it was be easy to discount my claims on the grounds that I had ate too many ‘Area 51’ cookies! But I have not! Neither have my fellow travelers on this quest Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks.

This week on the program we explored some of the news from around the globe and at home.

All in all it is a pretty depressing picture. There seems to be a never ending list of ‘new’ chemicals that are making their way into our food system. Largely Big Food and Big Pharma run on the principle of, ‘if it ain’t regulated’ then we don’t need to label it’.

And when caught doing bad things, they merely buy a University to do an ‘INDEPENDENT’ study.

This obviously is some new definition of the word ‘Independent’ that has not yet made it into the dictionary.

Ractopamine and its various other names is not a good thing to be putting in your tummy. But somehow it is making its way into our food system. How can this be? Don’t organizations like the FDA and the USDA act as watchdogs? Hmm well sort of….

Of course it doesn’t take much math to figure out that these organizations are reactive rather than proactive. The saying that it takes a village to raise a child, has been modified to… It takes a village of dead people to get us to gently suggest to our pay masters (Big Food and Big Pharma) that they may want to consider checking the problem out.

Heads up folks. Those recalls on the TV are mostly voluntary, and mostly ‘smoke and mirrors’. The stuff that kills you is already out there. Pretty much, if the recall has happened and you are still alive, you dodged the bullet. Of course these pesky recalls could damage the bottom line of the major corporation, but all is not lost. Most of the ‘crap’ can be ‘re-purposed’ , it may not be safe for use in the home kitchen, but it is fine to be used in packaged goods.

A great example of the Egg recall. I had assumed that the half a billion, yes 500,000,000 eggs had been destroyed. NOT SO. The recall was a few months ago, so I guessed that the heat was down on one of the companies involved. Putting on my best Kevin Mitnick social engineering mask, I schmoozed my way though the Gatekeeper (receptionist) and before you could say ‘over easy’ I was talking to someone in the know. Yes, the eggs did not go to waste. If they were refrigerated and still in the original package, they were sold to the Big Food baking industry!   So, what is dangerous at home, apparently is just fine at the supermarket.

If you missed todays program you can listen to the recording here.

Mannie, Ashley and I are very concerned about the state of food in todays world. This photograph was taken for fun, but it sums up the situation so well.


Are we putting our children in the trash can by what we feed them?

Simon Barrett

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