I really do not have much of a sweet tooth. It is rare that I eat cake or other sweet items, but I do have a great love for Chocolate. There is something unique about chocolate. Even the history behind chocolate is yummy.

As a child (many decades ago) a Christmas treat found in your stocking was ‘chocolate money’, little discs of chocolate wrapped in either silver or gold covered foil. What many people fail to realize is that this was not a Christmas treat invented at the whim of some company just out to make a few dollars, it was based in historical fact.

Chocolate at one time was used as a form of currency. We hear much about the ‘Silk Road’ and the ‘Spice trade’, chocolate was every bit as important.

Of course the chocolate of yesteryear was far different from today. Often it was used to make a black somewhat bitter drink, oh that would be where todays ‘Hot Chocolate’ has its origins.

Chocolate possessed a quality, it gave a sense of well being when consumed. Science now understands the process, chocolate hits some brain receptors and viola, life is better than it was before.

I guess in some ways I am a chocolate snob! Actually when given the opportunity (which is rare) I am a snob about Cheese, Cognac, Bread, and even Butter! But when it comes to Chocolate the real snob in me comes out!

I would be happy to take part in a blind taste test and I can spot ‘dollar store’ the worst. I can spot the difference between Hershey and Cadbury. Cadbury wins every time! And I know when I taste the ‘real thing’. Tobler and Lindt are the ones most well known quality companies, but there are hundreds of other great manufacturers, most of who are small.

Hershey produce the Budweiser of chocolate. It is cheap and cheerful, Cadbury the Sam Adams version, but the real chocolate comes from those small breweries that few people have ever heard of.

So why isn’t chocolate just chocolate? Well the answer is simple. Different manufacturers use different amounts of ‘chocolate’ in their recipe. They are in some ways akin to drug dealers, they ‘cut’ the drug with other products. Some manufacturers have reached the all time low spot of 23%. In fact there is a move to dilute the problem further by exchanging some traditional ingredients with GMO Bull Shit oops, I wanted to say, well researched and independently studied substances.

It does not take rocket science to understand their motives, it is a move to lower production costs and increase profits!

This is a huge mistake. But it is just the first step in what I view as the end of chocolate. It takes a real plant 5 years to produce a harvest, a new GMO Frankenplant apparently can produce the beans in just two years. It sounds like a good move for the ‘bottom line’, but is it a good move for chocolate?

I for one have my doubts. As with other Frankenplants we are going to have some issues. The Chocolate will taste like ChocShit, so they will need to load the end product with chemicals to remove the Chocshit taste.

Frankenchoc seeds will almost certainly need an unhealthy dose of ‘Pest be Gone’, I am sure that Monsanto are busy formulating a new version of ChocoRoundup for the project!

Chocolate has been a part of human life for thousands of years, why mess with it?

Of course I am wrong! Look at the wonderful job that Monsanto has done for Corn, Soy Beans and Alphalpha. What could possibly go wrong?

To say I am hot under the collar does not touch the subject. Leave my damn chocolate alone!

Even worse, and I am guessing here, The FDA will make two rulings. Firstly that manufactures do not have to include any label that the product contains GMO chocolate, and the second, more disturbing one, that people using natural chocolate will be banned from putting ‘NON GMO’ on the label.

If the industry is so damn keen on GMO products, why don’t they advertise them? This product contains only the finest GMO products? What is wrong with someone saying, we are just little guys, we can’t afford to buy the GMO stuff?

Apparently this is not allowed! This is Bullshit!

OK, I started this rant with the idea of doing a review about some wonderful real chocolate. I won’t sully the wonderful brand in this article. The review will be published tomorrow.

Real chocolate is a cause that we should all care about.
You can pick up some of the discussion here

I also invite you to join us tomorrow for our program Surviving The 21st Century.   Chocolate is not the prime subject, but I can bet a dollar it will be talked about!

Simon Barrett – The guy that cares about chocolate!

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