The program is political in nature, and the perpetrators Mannie Barling, Ashley F Brooks and Simon Barrett try their best to keep the program focused on how political decisions about what ends up on your dinner plate come about.

It is a far more complex situation than many people understand.

Of course the good news is that we have organizations like the FDA and USDA to keep us safe. They protect our well being. They saved the country from the attack of the killer Spinach salads. And they certainly went all out with the Egg recall. There were two eggs for every man, woman, and child in the country. Now that’s a lot of eggs!

But what do you do with over half a billion suspect eggs? You junk em, right? Nah, there is no money in trashing them, it is better to let Big Food have them so we can enjoy them in baked goods that are available in just about every supermarket in the land. A quick call to Wright Eggs while wearing my handy dandy Kevin Mitnick social engineering Halloween Costume told the whole ugly story.

Great job FDA! Where do I send my thank you letter?

When the FDA are not too busy looking after eggs, meat and spinach they also mess in the icky world of drugs. I am not a pot smoker, and I run away from Hypodermic needles. But about the last place I would buy my drugs and paraphernalia from would be the FDA. This would be akin to Bugs Bunny giving up carrots in favor of brussel sprouts!

But what happens when you or a loved one goes to he hospital? Does the FDA still care? Of course they do! Just because the organization is funded by the industries, they care a great deal!

Lets face it, todays hospitals have the best gizmos in the world. A trip into an MRI is nothing short of the ultimate Theme Park ride. Leave your iPod at home, the music is free. I am a music reviewer, and I am not sure how extensive the MRI library is. My technicians obviously had researched a couple of my recent interviews and reviews. For my listening pleasure they had selected a really interesting (but 20 minutes too long) track in the Death Metal meets Punk genre. The tune was still buzzing around in my head hours later.

I did ask the nice people demoing it where a regular guy could buy this upgraded version of the iPod. They informed me that an MRI gizmo cost a $million each, and it takes a whole bunch of trained people to operate it.  “Oh, so it is like the old Modular Moog Synthesizer”, was my response. I decided that I had outlived my welcome in the hospital ‘fun house’. and beat a hasty retreat.

Obviously I was joking, but hospital gizmos are no joking matter. These gizmos are there to protect lives. One of the most common gizmos has the name ‘infusion pump’. It’s the funky little box that regulates the amount of ‘stuff’ when you are on a drip. They are those funcky boxes on a pole that periodically beep for no apparent reason and five minutes later someone in uniform turns up, and hits the reset button.

But who regulates these critters? In todays iThing world, we know that everything we deal with has software in it. There is software in your car, in your TV, in your phone, and in your toaster! Some adverts that I have seen have even suggested that the next thing is software in your shower!

Software is like a virus, it needs a host. For software the only good host are chips. Not chips from Frit-o-lay, chips that are small black and man made.

We have all seen this device, or one that does the same job. It makes sure that the poor person on the hospital bed gets the right amount of ‘juice’ in a given period of time.

The huge question is how safe are the medical iThings on a pole?

The answer is depressing.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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