In someways I feel rather like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post when they first discovered the significance of Watergate. Their work toppled a presedent. As Watergate unlolded the story became one that was shocking to every American. A President involved in crime and coruption.

Over the decades Watergate in one way or another has replayed many times. There have been a number of delightfully salacious stories concerning politicians and their love of inappropriate behavior. Generally though, the damage inflicted has been limited in its effect on a small number of people.

Todays Watergate is much further reaching. The entire health system is in a state of anarchy. Doctors are ill informed and often misled by ‘peer review’ articles about new drugs and procedures. Many of the articles that arrive on a doctors desk have been ghost written by the company selling the Snake Oil.

What does the government do? Nothing! In fact the are making the situation worse by ‘rubber stamping’ whatever the industry wants. How can you be objective about a product when the damn company is paying millions in donations? Big Pharma gets what Big Pharma wants.

In fact I am going to cut this article short, about an hour ago I received an article that has me spitting nails. The term PhD used to mean something. In my dealings with them I always assumed that they were very smart, but had the social graces of Hippopotamus. Fun to talk to, but not someone you would invite into your home for dinner.

There is the new breed of PhD, and I have a real dislike for them, they are nothing more than Hired Guns for whoever has the cash ‘Politically Hired Doctors’ should be the new meaning of PhD.

If you missed the original broadcast of The Food Revolution Papers earlier today you can catch the recording here.

As soon as I calm down I will be putting up an article concerning a very well known, and probably at one time well respected PhD. Oh, and this is not some ‘crack pot’ with a doctorate in the preferred shape and color of Gummie Bears, no this idiot is a full blown tenured Professor at one of the best known and respected universities in the country! Were it not for the seriousness of this numbskulls comments I would be doing the proverbial Internet ROTFL. Instead I am doing a OMG, WTF, and BRBAL (Be Right Back After Lobotomy)!

Simon Barrett

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