The Food Revolution Papers is dedicated to exploring the murky depths of politics and food. Trust me, the food industry makes the Tea Party look like babes in arms.

At noon eastern the panel of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett will be on air to explore the nightmare of the problem.

Few people understand the ‘money trail’ leading to your dinner plate. Independent research is often a euphemism for out and out bribery of University research. A million dollar grant here, a million dollar grant there, suddenly you have lots of nice tame researchers in your back pocket.

Could Dr. Frank Shotkoski be one? Could Cornell University be tainted? Obviously I would never dream of making such an accusation, but I think it is noteworthy that his research does have a tendency of being in favor of the Big Food industry. Where does his funding come from? Who suggests his line of research? In a world of ‘transparency’ I think that these are valid questions to ask.

I have spent the past year collaborating with Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks, it has been a journey of great discovery for all three of us. Without doubt the most startling discovery had little to do with science, but lots to do with politics. I think it is fair to say that we have become an irritation to Big Food. That is clear by some of the comments left on our articles.

Note to Big Food: we are smarter than the average bear. We can spot a $7 and hour industry lackey at 50 miles.

On the program we will be discussing the various tactics that the industry employs to negate the effect of bad press.

It will be an interesting program and we invite you to listen in at noon eastern on August/11, the listen live link is here.

Simon Barrett

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