It takes quite a lot to make me angry. But I do have my ‘hot buttons’. I am just a regular guy, I don’t have a string of meaningless letters after my name, in fact to quote Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t join a club that would have me’. That should not be mistaken as a weakness, it is not. Rather it means that I have spent 55 years of learning everyday. I read, I ask questions. You do not need a PhD to do this. Anyone and everyone has this ability. It is high time that the regular man in the street dusted their eye balls off and took a look at what is going on.

A great place to start is the latest ‘hot’ item Health Care. Of course this is a very tough subject to bite off. It is large, and there are many moving parts. One of those ‘moving parts’ is the food we eat.

I do not need to bore you with the scientific data, but the past twenty years have seen a marked increase in obesity and cancers of various kinds. Why?

If you make the assumption that industry has taken strides to curb pollution, and they certainly have. You are forced to look at other potential culprits. Cell Phones might give off some radiation that will turn your brain to mush, the use of Lap Top computers in the literal sense might damage the male reproductive system. Rumor has it that the new generation of Lap Tops have a Nad Proofing layer!

OK, enough of the fun stuff. Lets talk about food, in fact lets talk about Dr. Frank Shotkosti. I used to think that Cornell University had credibility. Apparently I was wrong.

This idiocy espoused by Dr. Shotkosti can be read in all its glory here.

I just want to pick up on a couple of his quotes. Quite frankly I suspect that the mans PhD thesis must have been on the study of Bull Shit, and he clearly is the expert on the subject.

Shotkoski on anti GMO groups:

Fear mongering is easy to do

We are reaching a phase when the campaign against agricultural biotechnology is at a high peak

The money they get from donations associated with the anti-GM movement is huge

This is a multi-million business.

It is not done for fun, this is a money making program

Umm, did I just read that correctly? How many anti GMO groups can you name that employ lobbying groups? I can’t think of any.

And how many anti-GMO groups buy their way into universities? Again, none that I can think of!

I’d love to know where Shotkoski BS, gets the idea that the anti-GM movement is a money making program. Of much more interest would be who funds Shotkoski?

I will make no accusations, but I’ll bet that it would not be hard to investigate.

Dr BS also suggests that the anti-GMO crowd are in someway connected to the pesticide industry, apparently many genetically-modified crops do not require the application of some pesticides.

The generic pesticides industry has a lot to lose with disease- and insect-resistant crops

It’s a business, mostly for financial reasons,”

It’s not that they don’t like the technology, they don’t understand the technology

Without doubt this is Dr BS at his finest. GM crops do not take less pesticides, they are just more resilient to some of them. In fact GM crops seem to take more pesticide applications than normal crops. If I had a suspicious mind I might be tempted to see if Dr BS has any connection to Monsanto. Monsanto offers one stop shopping. GM seeds, and Round-Up. Might Dr BS have a link to Monsanto?

The absolute finest quotes from Dr BS has to be:

If you give the anti-GM campaign a millimeter, they’ll get a mile. It’s hard to argue with them, and they don’t want scientific peer review to substantiate their claims

Well-resourced special interest groups undermine scientific understanding and rational public discussion

Note to Dr BS, if this is true, how come Biotech companies like Monsanto refuse to submit their products for independent study?

Oops I just realized that I made a mistake, I shortened Dr Frank Shotkoski’s name to Dr BS, obviously Dr BS should really be Dr FS. I would go back and change this this error, but I really need to get outside and spray my GM crops with some Round-Up.

Although Dr BS is not the main feature, I am sure that he will get recognition on our program tomorrow, to listen in live, use this link.

Simon Barrett.

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