Last night’s American Idol results were not that surprising. I think everyone watching noted early on that the female contestants were the strongest this season. Three of the final four being sopranos (well, maybe an alto) certainly is no marvel.

I have to wonder at Phil’s choice of songs. It is ironic that his best performance was the one that got him voted off. I understand that all the votes from the last two shows were counted in determining which two were to leave; still he must have had a strong indication that this was his week to go home for he could not have chosen a more apropos song. Phil’s Blaze of Glory was one I didn’t mind listening to again.

As for Chris, am I the only one to notice his evil eyes? When he gives the camera The Stare (and he always manages to find that camera, even while hugging his peers and singing his swan song) he looks like Satan incarnate beaming himself into our living rooms to claim our souls. I can’t remember seeing a more evil look on television with the possible exception of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Chris has a decent voice however, so we probably have not heard the last of him.

Let’s get on with the count down. Who will be next to make their exit? Blake maybe. Or LaKisha. I expect good performances from all the remaining over the next three weeks but ultimately there will be just one standing. That’s the way the game is played but I do hope LaKisha, Jordin and Melinda can use it to advance their careers in the entertainment field. I understand the contestants commit to Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment Company when they sign up to compete in this contest. It may be more lucrative to be a losing contestant that 19 Entertainment chooses not to grant a recording contract, leaving the “looser” the option of taking their act elsewhere and making a far better go of it. My advice to the winner is to ask yourself “What would Kelly Clarkson do?” at least once a day.


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