This gang is devious. It is headed up by Mrs Boris

We do not think that Mrs Boris is her real name, and NSA wire taps suggest that she might also go under the alias of Patches. The ‘Dog Father’ Mr Boris went missing on or around Christmas. While the FBI are not willing to talk about the case, most in the ‘know’ are telling me that there is an active investigation.

Mrs Boris took over, she is now running the crime family.

Little is known about the gang members. So any assistance would help. This is the only known ‘Mug Shot’ of what may well be the meanest gangs ever!

The FBI does not even have names for some of these gang members.

Bhrinjal Bhaji


Fat Boy


The Ginger Pigs


The gang of four


The FBI recommends that if you meet Mrs Boris or any of her underlings, give them a call! They are assumed armed and dangerous.

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