Over the years I have that I am on all sorts of strange mailing lists. One of the better one’s is the FBI. The press releases are just too good not to share, so I have decided that I will publish a few of the ones that catch my eye.

I have no input on them, but from time to time may offer commentary. What I do find interesting in these press releases is the large number of cases they work with and the enormity of the task. Drugs, white collar crime, and good ole robbery’s, killing and general mayhem.
Due to the recent events concerning the election there are some that question the independence of the FBI, do they have a political agenda? I do not think they do, but I will leave that up to the reader to decide.

The one thing I will guarantee is that most of these stories have not made the news, even though they should have.

The FBI are not infallible, but I sure would not want them knocking on my door! I do hope that people will take time to read this series of articles, they may well surprise you.

Simon Barrett

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