by Ric Ottaiano

November 8, 2006

At least that’s how it feels at the moment with the GOP on the verge of losing both the House and the Senate. But frankly what do you expect when you hand her the mic and the sheet music.

John Podhoretz has a great column today on what this all means, so take a few minutes to read it after taking note of the rest of what I have to say.

Let’s quit all the wrist-slashing talk and accept this temporary set back with grace and dignity. No charges of voter fraud. No claims of ballot box irregularities. This was ours to win but the Administration and the GOP leadership blew it, and if we don’t learn from history we’ll be having this same converstaion in two years but with Hillary in the White House.

When you get beat by folks with absolutely no message, vision or plan, it means that you effed up. It means you did not develop your own message and stay on it. It means you did not emphasize over and over again positives like the economy, the appointment of solid conservative judges and the good that was coming out of Iraq and the war on terror. But more importantly you did not govern like conservatives.

Spending like drunken sailors on programs like prescription drug benefits or offering up plans for illegal alien amnesty are not issues that energize the conservative base. You cannot win as conservative Republicans if you legislate like Democrat-lite. If you’re going to lose the match, at least lose it playing your own game and not trying to be something you are not, and should not be.

But all is not lost. Not even close. If the Republican party learns its lessons from what can only be described as a stinging rebuke, and starts walking the conservative walk rather than just talking the talk, the White House in 2008 will not change hands.

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