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Ever wonder what the far Left really thinks about democracy? In this case Sarkozy’s victory in France? Blogger Lenin’s Tomb enlightens us. “I’m backing the Paris jihad the second it hits the streets”.

Notice the word ‘jihad’. Why that particular choice of words? Why not the usual “I’m backing the oppressed workers freedom movement” or something to that effect? More proof that the far Left and Islamism are bed brothers. The Leninist/Islamist’s actual opinion of democracy is at the end.

He (Sarkozy) won with 53% of the vote and only one other competitor, and this is a huge lead according to some commentators. It is slightly more than half of the vote, and a 6% lead. A more sizeable share of a more sizeable vote than many of the supposed ‘landslides’ in Anglo-American elections – yet still, as tacitly acknowledged by the oleaginous references to a ‘divisive campaign’ and ‘polarisation’, he is hardly the bearer of a collective national will.

Or really? 53% of the voting population is not the collective will? But remember, a huge turnout in a Marxist dictatorship is 99% of the people forced to vote for only one person.

The high turnout, we are told, was a ‘victory for democracy’: as if a vote for any demagogic racist scumbag, so long as there is a big turnout, is a ‘victory for democracy’.

Huh? Weren’t Stalin, Mao, and Kim Jong II “demagogic racist scumbags” and they claimed it was a victory for democracy?

Speaking of riots, there have been claims that a vote for Sarkozy would produce riots, and indeed, it is reported that French cops are beating the streets of the banlieues tonight, awaiting the first incidence of trouble. Well, that would be the product of a basic survival instinct. Since, quite simply, Sarkozy means the unemployed youths, the low-paid workers, the immigrants and every other marginalised, exploited, oppressed group in society nothing but harm, a few riots would be a healthy sign of life. Write it down and pass it on, I’m backing the Paris jihad the second it hits the streets.

53% of French voters can go f**k themselves.

There you go. My guess is that Lenin’s Tomb’s quote would get a thumbs up from the rioting Islamist youths on that too.

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