Modern day ghost stories of our time seem to come in the form of conspiracy theories, which few people seem to take seriously, at least not when they refer to the present or the future. Furthermore, just about anything can be shown on youtube as it’s become one of the chief sources of entertainment and information all across cyberspace. Regardless of the accessibility of what most rational people would see as an unrealistic view of the past and the future, it shouldn’t undermine somethings ability to entertain or provoke thought.

For anyone with some spare time and an open mind, The Esoteric Agenda should be sampled. The motive of this documentary is to prepare the public’s mental stability for what the narrator (who remains anonymous) sees as the coming of the new world order in 2012.

According to the film, the Illuminati and the Free Masons have set the wheels in motion for a significant population decrease. The motives of these secret societies are to stay in power and insure the earth’s survival in an environmentally hazardous world. The powers that be have aligned their mass take-over with December 21, 2012, the day the Mayan calender predicts the world will end.

But wait, it gets better! Somehow the writer has weaved together theories that global warming is a myth, all of the founding fathers are nature worshipping pagans, the American Revolution was set up by England and the Sons of Liberty, and that Israel was founded by two Egyptians cults and a Sumerian one, all under the same theme!

Before you click back to the previous page as a result of your disgust to such nonsense, there are several parts of the film worth the attention of any free thinking individual. Among the points made are well argued facts about American water fluoride pollution, the ramifications of Codex Alimentarius (the desired health codes most all the major world powers hope to standardize for trade), and the shared lineage of major American and British politicians. These are among many other controversial elements exhibited in the duration of this mesmerizing two hours and six minutes.

What`s frightening is just how much research has gone into this film. Scarier yet is just how well argued it is, which can be seen by anyone willing to follow the creator’s research. If you have two hours to kill and desire some unusual, and slightly morbid entertainment, here is the link below.

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