The Erie Community Foundation is a collection of charitable endowments operating under the administrative umbrella of a single public charity. Northwest Pennsylvania is lucky to be served by this outstanding organization.

Each quarter of the year, The Erie Community Foundation Board of Trustees has two jobs: making grants from the Foundation’s unrestricted funds through a competitive grant process between local charities AND approving grants from Donor Advised and Donor Designated Funds.

The Foundation’s unrestricted grant pool makes up about 40 percent of the Foundation’s assets, which now totals approximately $130 million. This quarter, the trustees will award $279,950 to 18 charities, who applied for grants to address either health or nonprofit capacity building issues. The presentation will take place at a special grant reception at one of the charities, the Children’s Advocacy Center, on Thursday, October 19th at 3 p.m.

In addition, the board also approved the distribution of over $3.6 million to local charities and scholarship students on behalf of the Donor Advised and Donor Designated funds and endowments held at the Foundation, 127 West 6th Street. More specifically, $3,617,833 will be distributed in the form of 374 grants and scholarships.

“Our peers, who work for foundations across the United States, are amazed that The Erie Community Foundation has 40 percent of its assets unrestricted, and many of them work in much larger cities and have very little unrestricted funding,” said Michael Batchelor, president of The Erie Community Foundation. “That fact accentuates the reality that our community consists of citizens, both past and present, who care about community issues from education to health to arts and culture and community revitalization.”

Under Unrestricted Grant giving, 18 charities will receive a total of $279,950 as follows:
Health Grants:
1. Booker T. Washington Center–information technology upgrade
2. Children’s Advocacy Center—communication system
3. NWPA AHEC—healthcare delivery system for the poor
4. Community Nursing Services, North East—work equipment and software
5. Dr. Barclay’s Camp for Children with Diabetes—camp tuition for low income children
6. Gaudenzia Erie, Inc.—new security fencing
7. PartnerSHIP for a Healthy Community—1,000 smoke & carbon monoxide detectors for low income residents
8. Pleasant Ridge Manor friends Forever—wheel chair van
9. United Neighborhood Facilities Health Care Corp.—equipment to serve WIC clients
Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants:
10. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Erie, Inc.—development software
11. Erie Civic Theatre Association (Erie Playhouse)—strategic planning program for new management
12. Gannondale—strategic planning program for governance and capital improvement issues
13. Healthcare Ventures Alliance—human resource strategic planning
14. Hooked on Books—strategic plan for implementation of new family literacy program
15. Marx Toy Museum, Inc.—strategic planning
16. United Way of Erie County—technology enhancements
Emergency Grants:
17. Lake Erie Fanfare—relocation expenses
18. Perseus House Charter School of Excellence—relocation expenses

Funds can be unrestricted, field of interest, donor designated, donor advised, geographic, scholarships, annuities and trust, pass through funds and agency endowments. “Our job is to protect, and enhance, the original purchasing power of charitable endowments,” Batchelor added. “By building an endowment at the foundation, we provide investment economies of scale, expertise and reduced fund management costs, plus a deep insight to the needs of the community and numerous nonprofits.”

An individual or nonprofit agency interested in establishing an endowment is welcome to call Mike Batchelor, president of The Erie Community Foundation, at 814-454-0843.

Dennis Weed blogs at Erie Blogs.

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