I was shocked at this story, I guess the RIAA and organizations like them have given up on suing college students, well lets face it, most students do not have any money! The average student is just scraping by.  It is better to go after those people that do have money to spare – Simon

I am a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres not only because she is from my birthplace, New Orleans but because I just love her personality. You don’t see too many stars these days that have hearts of gold. She actually reaches out to people in need and does anything she can to help. It is obvious that she can’t help everyone but her unique way of finding people to help should not go unnoticed.

I have seen her give out cash, cars, furniture, appliances and even food to people and pets in need on the show. I am sure this is all promotional deals her producers are making, but Ellen does it with such class. Her heart is clearly with every gift she gives out.

I am not one for just watching talk shows but I got hooked on Ellen’s show. She has some great guests and she is a very funny lady. I personally find her very entertaining.

The other day after her new season started it was announced that she was going to be the newest judge on TV’s American Idol. Ellen is a big fan of American Idol. I believe she stated she has never missed a show. She was so excited to make this announcement on her show, you could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes. This is a great honor for her and I for one think she will add a spark to the show. The only problem I see with Ellen as a judge is that she is such a nice person she might have a problem judging someone if they aren’t so good.

Well RollingStone.com is reporting that suddenly a few of the biggest record label companies have a weird way of welcoming Ellen to the show by placing a lawsuit against her show over copyrights. They say that Ellen’s show has broadcast over 1000 songs when she does her dance with the audience as she goes up one side and then down and over to the other side of the stage dancing before going back to her chair on the set.. They are saying that she has done this without ever paying for the licenses.

The papers were filed on September 9, 2009 at a U.S. District Court in Nashville. The labels asked Ellen’s producers how come they never sought to acquire permission to use the songs. Their reply to that was that they didn’t “roll that way.” They says songs such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” are only two of the hundreds of songs that have been used on Ellen’s show without permission so they might owe quite a bit of money. Those representing Ellen’s Show are hoping they can come to amicable and reasonable terms to settle this.

One of the companies suing her is Sony Music Group where some contestants winning on the Idol Show usually start out with their careers. It does seem kind of odd that this lawsuit came up and was filed on the very day that Ellen was named as the new judge on the American Idol Show.

Good luck with this Ellen. I hope this doesn’t cause you problems on your show because it is quite obvious that everyone enjoys the segment where you go into the audience and dance with them. Also I think you are doing a great job and I wish you the best as the new judge!

Jan Barrett

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