The Elections?

Krugman’s despair over our forthcoming election (See fragment below) may not be warranted, but Republican gains in either house will bring to a halt many reforms much needed in the public interest of millions of Americans — particularly those hungry children and those evicted from their homes to the streets. Only in America of the developed nations are such horrors occurring!

Needless to say Obama has had more burdens facing him than even a brilliant lawyer can begin to heal. And the Republican “No” game plus wary Democrats have blocked or crippled necessary reforms. The ‘wars’ are now also a mess as well as our economy and infrastructures. Borrowing more money and taxes to pay for things is the way we should be going. There is no free lunch as the other major nations have learned and acted upon. Medicine is paid for by taxes in them. Our drug and for profit medical insurance companies are driven by greed which defeats the public interest. My wife spent hours demanding and getting medical pay outs at first denied by our insurance companies prior to my retirement. My heart goes out to the widows who simply pay the bills as they come in. Even our back up insurance for Medicare plays games with us, pretending that it did not get the Medicare pay out details when they were made several years ago.

Whoever wins the election will leave us in trouble — more if it is the Republicans who have no plans but to make the super rich more so and to kill off the poor. I see both in my neighborhood — the beggars and the super rich who sometimes give something to them.

I guess I share Krugman’s despair. This nation is in bad shape and likely to be facing far worse. Those guys training out there with guns may start shooting at government agencies and make the terrorists look like puppies.


[Fragment from Krugman. See Website for remainder:

“And if they take one or both houses of Congress, complete policy paralysis — which will mean, among other things, a cutoff of desperately needed aid to the unemployed and a freeze on further help for state and local governments — is a given. The only question is whether we’ll have political chaos as well, with Republicans’ shutting down the government at some point over the next two years. And the odds are that we will.”

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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