CTV.CA has a wonderful article concerning global warming. (They are against it)

I say wonderful because it reinforces my belief that the entire global warming issue is based on two things. Ego and money.

Authoritative report to confirm global warming

Scientists and government officials are finishing a much-awaited report expected to say that climate change is real, serious and that human influence on it is undeniable.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release the report on Friday at a news conference in Paris, although a simultaneous one will be held in Ottawa.

“The climate’s changing and it’s going to change some more no matter what we do — particularly if we keep consuming so many fossil fuels,” Michael McCracken, the Climate Institute’s chief scientist, said Monday in Washington.

“They say ‘think globally, act locally’, so we’re hoping that it will convince people … that climate change is real and that we have a responsibility for much of it, and that we really do have to make changes in how we live,” Kenneth Denman told reporters in Paris.

He’s co-author of the report and a senior scientist at the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis.

Both of these scientists would have to get real jobs if the report said ‘global warming’ is something that happens in spite of man not because of man. There is money involved here. BIG BUCKS! Taxpayer money.
Through the entire existence of planet earth there has been climate changes. The pittance of time man has been on the scene we really have not seen any climate changes. (Have you seen an ice age recently?) Now a group of money hungry fanatics tell us that the mean temperature of planet earth must remain stable for all eternity or devastation will occur sometime in the future. (Chicken Little comes to mind)

The egos and self centeredness that’s involved here is mind numbing to me. “We will control the weather” is what these fraudsters are saying. And it is on the working man’s dime.

The article has this bit in it:

Some scientists say that within a century, rising sea levels could swallow most of Prince Edward Island and threaten cities like Halifax and Vancouver. However, others say that’s an unlikely scenario.
Early drafts of the document forecast that by 2100 the sea level will rise between 12.7 and nearly 58.5 centimetres.
Many top scientists reject those figures. A study published in the peer-review journal Science this month predicted an increase of nearly 51 to 140 centimetres by 2100
~~~ and ~~~
The debate matters to policy makers because without accurate estimates, they won’t know how to plan coastal development.

Well prying1 has the real plan. We are talking 60 inches here max by their worst estimates. Less than two yards.

You ready?

Drum Roll Please!!!

Put buildings, wharfs, piers and such a bit higher…

Sort of anticlimactic huh?

Now should I demand taxpayer money for that? Why not? Our politicians and scientists are!

I’ve got another idea that involves a giant cork to stop volcanic activity.

HEY! one more thing. These people ever get on Cristo for the stuff he does that affects wind paterns?


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