I know there are a lot of people out there who say, “The economy is getting better. The economy is getting better. The unemployment rate is down. The consumer is spending more. The quality of life is good. What’s not to like?”

I have been out of work for years, in effect, since I graduated from college in June of 2001. Oh sure I had jobs. I worked for Waldenbooks store for 7 dollars an hour. I worked for Home Depot for 11 dollars an hour. I worked for my Dad at his copy shop in NYC for 16 dollars an hour and for now I work for Staples for 11.75 an hour.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

The American dream I so desperately wanted seems to have past me by. I have a BS degree which really is B.S.! It’s in Journalism and yet no one will hire me as a journalist.

Oh sure I have screwed up a story or two, technically not factually. I wrote a previous story with MS Publisher and had a hard time copying it into this writing program. Sorry. But what I guess I am saying is. The thing I most want to do, write, I hardly get to do. I am a father and now my time is scarce. Especially working the hours I do.

My dream job would be to have my own office and just write a syndicated column for major newspapers. I once got into a heated discussion with a major journalist about wanting to do this. He said it took years and hard work. Well I have the years and I have paid for my career choice by working some good jobs and some bad jobs. I don’t mean to complain. But, if this is the best, the Bush administration can do, then I am glad I never voted him into office. I dun no, is it too much to want to use my degree for something good?  Sure, you say, I am writing here. I have a voice. I can even get paid for it.

But it’s not the same. I have like I said a family. They would never understand my desire to read tons of newspapers, looking for that one story that I could write religiously about for or against. They just want me to participate in life with a regular job Home Depot, Staples, and just get by in life. But I have this to say. I am miserable. I played by the rules. Go to college. Get a degree. Get a job; and love to go to work instead of dreading it.

To be fair, I have gone on interviews, a few times for journalism jobs but did not get the job. I either did not have enough experience or did not fit the criteria of the person they were looking for. I was so full of spirit. So full of passion and then the real world landed on me. Saying, “You and a million more like you want this job and we will give it to the one who deserves it most.  See the problem is not how many unemployed people there are. It’s how many satisfied employed there are. I should be making $35,000 a year and I am making $21,000 and I have had to apply for welfare. I do not blame any of my proceeding employers or current ones. They after all are not newspapers or companies that can afford to give out lavish salaries and after all I am just a customer service specialist and cashier.

I just feel I got a raw deal and slipped through the cracks of our golden society. So whenever I hear someone one say “Why don’t you make something of yourself?” All I can do is sigh and say, “At one time I thought I was.” I am too old at this point to go back to college. I know what it is I want to do and that is write. It’s hard to find the time like I said. I wish I could just write like I did back in college for the local college newspaper. Once a week come up with something to write. Hopefully intelligent and powerful and just go into that writing trance. You writers know what I mean. You watch the screen or your fingers typing and beautiful thoughts come on to the page. And you think, man am I lucky to have a job like this. Man am I lucky to be a journalist.

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