Why is this hue and cry about anti Islamic Dutch film? How long will the Muslims keep on nagging to the world about their suffering? How long one fifth of the world’s population think themselves to be inefficient? This moral lethargy of the community makes the world believe that Islam promotes violence and hatred towards Non Muslims.

Yet no European newspaper or journalist would dare to throw a pebble at Holocaust theory? If any one does then he goes professor Irving’s way, three years rigorous imprisonment.

It is time for the Muslims should become a united powerful political force through their economic power. It is time for the Muslims to learn from the Jews, how to fight for their cause and emerge a winner. The Jews don’t have a crowd of 140 billion across the globe. They don’t take out processions and protest because as it is they are few in number and such protests means it is a weak number, so they looked into other possibilities to subjugate the west.

 Why do the Jews have so much influence over world’s opinion?  Have they bought every western politician, Film makers, newspapers and TV channels?

 True the Muslims are not allowed by the Qur’an to mock at the other objects of worship as it is mentioned in Holy Qur’an

” do not revile at the objects which other people worship”

                                                         (Surha An’am ch 6 verse 108)

But Islam offers other way of getting back your honor in a respected manner. Let the Muslims notice this verse of Holy Qur’an,

” Not equal are the good and the bad. REPEL evil with that which is better and you will notice the person with whom you had enmity will turn in to fast friend”

                                                        (Surah Fussilat , ch 41 verse 34)

 Muslims talents stuff One third of Bolly wood industry. Every third writer is a Muslim. Top three highest paid heroes are Muslims. Muslim owns thousands of theatres in India. The list of powerful directors and producers also has big Muslims names. Shall these people stick to movies promoting infidelity, violence and glamour?

 Let the Muslims too come out with their own films promoting peace. Let a writer pen  down a story of an American soldier in Gulf interacting with Islamic values and returning US as a Muslim. Hire a popular Hollywood actor e.g George Clooney,for the title role and see the impact. Why not a story about an alcoholic westerner whose family is shattered into pieces and Islam brings them back together?  A good emotional story revolving around a madarasa can also be a good way of showing the world the peaceful Islamic culture.

 So brothers and sisters don’t get frustrated but sink deeper into media and grab careers out of it presenting Islam in media is the best thing one can do today in the age of publicity. If you cant then sponsor some one who is willing to. Conduct writing workshops or  sponsor them in your Da’wah center. Hire a professional journalist to train your participants. He may be a Non Muslims. But so what! Look what the Qur’aan has to say about it

” help each other in Birr and taqwa but not in sins and transgressions ”

 About the Author: Nisaar Yusuf is a trainer in Islamic communication skills and Islamic PRO. He has been a faculty in  many workshops conducted in India. He also offers free tips and workshops in Islamic media. The writer can be contacted at:  nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com

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