I have been a huge fan of British author Damien Lewis for several years. He is a #1 author in the UK, but never seems to get the attention he deserves on this side of the pond.

I was delighted to discover he had published The Dog Who Could Fly, the US imprint were even kind enough to send me an ARC. In regular terms, an advanced reader copy. The book is great. You can read my review here.

It is a spectacular story from WWII, a unique bond between a Czech airman Robert Bozdech and an orphan puppy he adopted after being shot down in no-mans-land, a killing zone between the advancing German army and the overpowered and outnumbered defenders of France.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that The Dog Who Could Fly had been converted to an audio book. I am always somewhat leery of this media, it is so easy to twist the written word through inflections of speech.

That did not happen, the Tantor audio book passes my muster with flying colors. Narrator Derek Perkins captures the feel of the story with precision. Everything about the narration is spot on. The story had to be told with a refined English accent. It also needed to be told with passion.
My hat is off to both Tantor and Derek Perkins. This is one of the best renditions of a book that I can recall.

I will tease you, here is the prologue.

Great book.

Simon Barrett

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