The Disastrous State of Our Basic Infrastructure Systems

Yesterday the History channel ran a two hour summary of the state of our U.S. infrastructure systems — bridges, dams, roads, electrical, water, sewage systems, etc. The upshot was terrifying! If a certain dam should be downed by a mild earthquake in California, the southern half of the state would be left without water — 20 million people. The numbers of bridges ready to fall is in the hundreds. Our electrical supply systems are on the fringe of failure.

The terrorists — even with WMD — could not do as much damage as weather attacking our frail systems. Many dams and bridges were built before we knew that wood supports must be treated to avoid deterioration. Major dams lie on deteriorating foundations. Our inspection systems are radically understaffed.

If we want to produce jobs we should put our monies into repairs — trillions will be needed to fix everything. But the cost of not spending such monies will be one disaster after another. When will another crucial bridge suddenly fall? When will our electrical systems suddenly freeze or melt us with their failures.

We are frankly not as well off as some of the nations in the Middle East where we are now wasting billions in pointless wars. We need that money here and now and it can become the solution to our employment problems. I

I imagine Obama knows all this along with his other problems, but neither many Dems or certainly Republicans will allow the vitally needed repairs before it is too late in case after case.

I was really shaken to see it all put together in a two hour program presumably seen by few.

America is committing virtual suicide by misdirecting its monies and manpower to wars rather than repairs.

I don’t have many years to live, but I worry about the future generations including my children and grands as well as those of all of us.

We are rapidly becoming a third world nation by our own failures. We live now in the 21st., not 19th., century when much of the damage was launched out of the ignorance by our fore bearers.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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