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Dinosaur extinction did not trigger evolution in mammals

When T-Rex ruled the planet, the evolution of mammals was stunted because dinosaurs were bigger, a whole lot bigger, and mammals were on the menu, so the mammals had to stay small, so they could hide, right?  If mammals, however, had been allowed to evolve to a higher level during all those extra millions of years under dino-rule, we human versions would probably be even smarter [?] than we are now, right?

Wrong… according to the newest theory on the subject.

The idea is backed up by research just published in the science journal, Nature.  Apparently there was no spurt in mammal evolution after the last dinosaur went belly-up in the boneyard.  We mammalian types clung to the familiar for quite a long time after that.  In fact, we seem to have waited an extra 10 million years or so before deciding it might be safe enough to grow a little larger, and maybe even go play out in the open, instead of hiding under bushes and shrubs.

Full Story: ABC News

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