The Dida Halake Controversy-Cherno Omar Barry Makes A Point….
By Cherno Omar BARRY 

Pa Nderry please allow my comment on the Dida and Mohammed’s issue on Jammeh. I just wish to inform both that we can most definitely have divergent views on the topic as well as support or not support Jammeh. I have been reading with keen interest the excellent postings by Dida in The Gambia particularly when a debate arises between him and Harmattan. There too he was able to defend a point by forwarding facts and figures.

However, let us learn to accept and honour each other’s divergent views. We should learn to convinve the other that we are right by forwarding facts, tangible facts to support our arguments. We should also acknowledge defeat. That is what most of us lack! The humility to accept defeat. This does not mean we should accept what is universally wrong. It only means we have been convinced, without an aota of doubt, that our assuptions are wrong. We acquiesce. In order to move forward in Africa, we should accept to debate issues and allow all shorts of criticism. In doing so we should be objective and not be moved by emotions.

Africans seem to be very emotive and hypersensitive when certain issues are raised regarding what they believe in. That culture is still lacking even where most of us have travelled extensively, have acquired great exprience and have gain a lot of knowledge. We still do have that impervious nature to reason, and humility. Which could explain partly why all the conflicts and wars. It has nothing to do with our differences but all to do with our stubborn attitude of always being right and never wrong. We are moved by sentiments and not reason.

We are otherwise the slaves of our weak hearts. This explains the flare of anger and frustration when another is not in concordance with our views and beliefs. There is little room for tolerance. Dida, you do have your strong beliefs and are a complete supporter of Jammeh. It is noble to be as unmoving as the firmaments but please, as an intellectual (which i am convinced you are) deal with the questions Mohammed is posing with self control and decorum. It is my belief that either Mohammed is convinced or will concede to defeat. Mohammed, if leading a debate, carefully chose the words you write as your intention is definitely not to anger your opponent but to incite him to continue debating. Certaing expressions would easily flare up anger and bring the debate to a close.

 Pa Nderry, I am convinced you are an excellent journalist. I believe however that your are impulsive in nature and derive great delight in being the first to inform. Take the example of co-wives trying to please their husband. The first, quite an excellent cook, wanted her dished served first and she took little notice of the bad grains and stones in the rice.

The second, not comparable to the first in skills, was more concerned about getting a nice well cooked meal and so she took her time to seperate the stones from the rice. When the husband arrived, his first desire was to eat the first’s dish but after tasting a handful, he finds it difficult to eat even though it was delicious. He resorted, reluctantly, to the second wife’s dish which, though not as sweet as the first could have been, was well prepared. The public is the husband and you, Pa Ndery, have the tendency of impersonating the first. Thank you.

Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 (Archive on Saturday, December 30, 2006)
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