by: Whymrhymer 

The news papers call them “controversial” but that hardly fits an organization that would even consider staging a protest at a military funeral or, their latest outrage, planning a protest at the funerals of the five Amish girls who were brutally murdered by a twisted psychopath this week.

This latest protest is now off the ‘drawing board,’ NOT out of the goodness of their hearts (not that there is much ‘goodness’ to be found in their hearts) but because a National talk show host, Mike Galligher, has bought them off with one hour of airtime on his radio show. I see Mike Galligher’s point and understand his decision but there is a much better alternative; if the Democratic governor of Pennyslvania, Ed Rendell,  had the guts he would have made sure the National Guard was on hand to prevent any protests and worry about any legal ramifications later.
Something should have been done about the funeral protests immediately after the very first one. Harassing a mourning family is NOT an expression of freedom of religion.

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